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The Perverse Empowerment of Authorization

A simple online dictionary definition of empowerment is “the giving or delegation of power or authority; authorization”. This definition appears to imply empowerment from an external source. I realize the wording is such that the source of empowerment is unspecified. When I read about delegation of power and authority, I think in terms of something or someone doing the delegating.

To empower thus is to authorize. To authorize is to establish that someone or something is an author, someone who makes things happen. A human subject of authorization can thus manipulate any target toward whatever they will for it. Authorization denotes not just the brute force to accomplish such a thing, but the moral privilege if not obligation to do so. That means everyone is somehow left with no endorsement to counter the individual thus empowered.

Words like “empower” and “authorize” are commonly used in circles, mundane and esoteric, official and informal alike. It is easy to be mired in a sea of debate and contradictory assertion when trying to wrap our heads around the implications of their meanings. Some claim they are immune to abuse, for example, because they are empowered by their rights. But if there is no might or power beyond that of the idealized concept of “right” itself to protect them, then their ideals dissolve in the face of violating force like so much smoke on a windy day.

Those who monopolize the power to force compliance realize it isn’t enough to sustain their positions. They take advantage of the loose nature of social cohesion in those whey rule. Then they can claim “special status” by virtue of authoritative idealism to confront thinking contrary to their purposes when threats do not suffice. Authoritative structures can be, therefore, passed off not just as natural entities or “corporations”, but as supernatural ones. As such authority organizes into hierarchies.

The notion of “hierarchy” describes sacred or sanctified authority. It often relates to religious priesthoods, but generally refers to the chain of command of any organized group. Groups of this kind form structures of authority where dominion flows in a single direction, where the source of rule authorizes the next stages in the flow. Such, for example, is a pyramid structure hierarchy. Therein, the flow is top to bottom. Therein the top authorizes and empowers each level to act as representatives of its authority on the levels beneath them.

In the above scenario those so empowered dominate “beneath” them in the name of the authorizing ones. Even in the most benign and “enlightened” instances the system compromises the freedom of those that are ruled. It is not uncommon, therefore, for human nature to prompt even the best intentions regarding authority structures to pave the way to the hells of human enslavement. In the latter cases, authority is tantamount to tyranny, and empowerment regains its idealized and meaningful status when directed to break the yoke of authorization. It is no surprise that enslaving establishments tend to promote anything that can be turned against such dynamics of just outcome.

It’s been argued that religious faith leads to empowerment. Ethnic, gender and global identity-sense have also been touted as paths to empowerment. I can agree with the above, unless these areas of human experience have been co-opted by an establishment of social dominance. It doesn’t take a genious, therefore, to discern that even the most sugarcoated tyranny amounts to a slave culture; just like the most well-treated bovines are still prone to end up in the slaughterhouse.

In recent decades, individual identity in much of the world has been twisted into a me-cult of ego worship. Punctuating this is a counterpoint of fear, guilt and humiliation posing as objective commentary and moral imperative, facilitated all to easily by the rapid advancement of mass media technologies that serve rather than expose the establishment.

I use the term “establishment” in a general sense. No matter which of its myriad incarnations draws our attention it still expresses the same essential nature spanning all geographic areas and historic periods. Power is the name of the game. It is the power to dominate other human beings, and to claim all available resources.

Sometimes, as if pushed by a perverse romanticism, we like to think we live in a dark age, and in the past all was better. We might want to consider the myth of the great golden age being nothing more than our tendency to sugarcoat our yesterdays and provide a safe haven in the past to protect our sensibilities from an uncertain future.

It’s not that peaceful cultures with near-ideal conditions never existed. I am certain they did even if the validity of specific examples is a matter for debate. The Caribbean islands, environments that would rival any mythical paradise, hosted a variety of native cultures. Many were violent cannibals and others quite pacifist and friendly, and yet they occupied the same general geographic area during the same time period. Such extreme variety in behavioral inclination in various indigenous groups was found in many geographic areas prior to periods of urbanization and central authority.

The current dominant culture derived from West European colonials is, on the other hand a derivative of Imperial totalitarianism marked by an addiction to technological “progress”, all in a veneer of moral superiority, ethical refinement and democratically inclined civil pretense. Of course the centers of indoctrination for children, teenagers and young adults known as schools would disagree with my assessment, but that is no surprise.

The dominant cultures of our time thrive on perverse empowerment. They feed on the draining of authority from the individuals that make up a society, either to blatantly empower an insatiable minority, or on the pretense of empowering the collective group as an entity unto itself. The latter is reminiscent of a kind of communal or hive mind effect in the more extreme versions of the occurrence.

I want to point out that perverse empowerment feeds upon and flourishes through the misery it happens to be creating in its given conditions, regardless of what they are. That misery can only be orchestrated by haters of humanity. Thus, the current global “establishment” appears to hold a policy of extreme disdain for all who are not of their minority groups.

Perhaps it is a matter of the psychopath not trusting what they do not understand: the healthy human psyche. Regardless, I believe racism as it is touted to today is a divide and conquer tool used on the majority of humanity because it is easier to get people to hurt those who are different.

In the face of becoming aware of the above state of affairs some believe that doing away with the perverse minority will solve the worlds ills. If you, however, manage to remove the immediate perpetrators, then others will rise from lower levels of the social pyramid. The social niches where psychopathic disposition thrives are symptomatic, not causal. As such they will always extend a siren call to candidates until the essence of psychopathy itself is cleansed from the collective psyche of humanity.

This may not be as tall an order as it appears if we think in terms of the species participating rather than the burden falling on a few individuals. Nevertheless, it is not easy to imagine just how the whole species will or even can be involved in any direct manner. Even so, I view it as humanity’s evolutionary imperative at this time.

The stakes are very high. Our planetary environment is in need of healing, but unless we remove humanity from the equation altogether, the healing of our psyche as species is a priority. This is best preceded by the healing of the individual psyche, where each human being must choose to take the initiative.

We are speaking of a form of empowerment that differs from and even opposes that mentioned in the title and elaborated in this writing. It is the natural and healthy empowerment of the individual. It is a vitalizing dynamic that is free of the necessity to authorize for authority already lies within. Natural individual human empowerment is exemplified by the sincere human heart shining its light to activate the path that expresses the truth of the integrity of that individual.

It leads to action that is therefore right, wherever one is drawn to apply it, under whatever circumstances and cultural, racial and/or religious context. In this chosen path, however, it is still one’s own responsibility to cover the bases that call to be covered to heal and attain the freedom that only living in integrity can offer. This is the freedom of true empowerment, a subject for another day.


The Gamers of Engineered Society: Part I

The issue of social engineering is vastly important. It is both complex and multifaceted. It is represented in the evolution of human history, and has vestiges reaching into the murky past prior to existing written records of any kind. If one cannot comprehend that human society is engineered by those who would proclaim themselves ultimate authorities of it, they cannot discern the lengths those who lust for power will go to consolidate it.

In the second decade of the twenty first century extensively organized power grabbing isn’t as far-fetched an idea as it used to be, for the majority of westerners at least. The focus in this diatribe involves the perspective and mindset of the power-broker. Namely, it isn’t just a cliché to assert that that those who lust for social, political and economic power, tend to be of a certain Machiavellian disposition that tends to express in a sort of “gaming” mentality.

Power brokers- psychopaths- with vast resources at their disposal, with little in the sense of empathy or moral compass, and with virtually no awareness of existential meaning beyond their own survival and quest for control, are natural “gamers”. I refer to gaming that resembles strategic and tactical warfare, where winners and losers are more like perpetrators and victims, be the game a simulation or harsh reality acting as such.

The above thesis can be understood when described in the form of the real world example of the United States financial system. In this game players seek to accumulate standards of value, otherwise known as commodities, which translate as power over existence. That includes its beings, circumstances and rules of operation.

In more common parlance the goal is to play god, a game that can be quite addictive to a psychopathic personality. That’s a big claim when the system itself poses as nothing more than wealthy folk investing in human productivity.

Regardless of the nature of this game of greed and power, human beings are natural representations of value. They have potential power over themselves and their lives via their creative capacities and resourcefulness. A human being can be a force of change in the world for better or worse. If their value is quantified as a monetary sum, however, then the assumption that the value can be tapped and treated like any other monetary commodity easily follows.

A gaming mentality takes advantage of this, and can also go a long way to dispense with any pesky issues of ethics, justice or humanity for those whose nature is devoid of any kinship or compassion with the rest of life. In this instance the gamer can seek to either tap the “human resource” for themselves, or subvert it. The latter may appear counterintuitive. The gamer from a Machiavellian perspective, nevertheless, can see benefit in doing so because a) human beings are kept from becoming one’s competition, b) it prevents another player from tapping into the human being.

For a more informed context regarding our example I’ve taken refuge in the internet resource I love to hate: google. Anyone interested can reproduce the search and look at the first five hits or so of each word string of the following three cases: 1) straw man all capital letters, 2) corporate personhood, and 3) birth certificate used as collateral.

Conspiracy analysts often lump these three topics together, but there appear to be inconsistencies the many “skeptic” and “debunking” sites on the web love to emphasize. Lumping the topic under one category can throw doubt on the whole thing when an inconsistency pops up. In this case, the “straw man” concept assumes one’s legal/corporate persona can be separated from one’s real person where the establishment laws are concerned. Whether it is fair or not, that separation is not legally recognized.

Yet some think that writing one’s name differently automatically results in separation as if somehow authorities are constrained to act against the interests of the system they serve. In other words, even as they pose things in terms of contracts, analysts act as if the game isn’t rigged, but that people just don’t know the rules.

Let’s place more attention on the concept of legal or corporate persona mentioned above. The gist of it is that although a business is made of human beings who own and operate its courses of action, it can still be presented as an embodiment with legal identity on par with that of a human individual.

The interesting thing is that humans are also given corporate (embodied) legal status, even though they are already individualized. The embodiment/corporate label is then neither truly embodied, nor truly abstract as an ideology or strategic initiative might be. The idea of incorporation appears to me to be a packaging concept to be used however the interests behind the legalese see fit.

This need not be alarming if the motives of those manipulating this conception were fair and just. What makes the deal a gaming system in my view is the third theme. This centers on our birth certificate; the primary document establishing proof of our embodied personhood (that we are registered game pieces). It refers to the certificate as a monetized bank note where the financial system is concerned, at least in the United States..

I had a hard time understanding how this could be, but the US birth certificate document indeed is defined as a bank note. It is not only monetized but used as collateral for bets placed on the New York Stock Exchange. The legalese regarding the incorporation of our identity allows for the convenience of ignoring the moral ramifications as the jargon always takes precedence. It also makes for more efficient book keeping.

All this talk of legal fictions and birth certificates, however, was a bit of a detour to explore the idea of gaming being a primary meme in our society via this prominent example. There is more to be said here. But let’s leave that for the next installment.


Living in Fear vs. Living with Fear

Fear dominates much of human existence, and this is nothing new. Fear is used as a weapon by those who seek to dominate others, and that is also nothing new. The promotion of fear has become a precise science among a minority portion of humanity that it has taken on the nature of a WMD (weapon of mass destruction). 

Be that as it may, fear is a natural response in biological organisms. Fear tells you to run, but it doesn’t specify where, and if you are not aware, the direction of flight might lead you to a dead end or over a cliff. Fear tells you to fight, and you may triumph or be cajoled into a conflict where the only victor is the puppeteer that set you up.

To avoid fear being turned from friend to nemesis we are challenged to refrain from repressing or denying that response. It helps us little or naught to assume fear is an illusion, or something to be transcended for loftier sentiments. Fear is truly the most primal force of our psyche, they very radical imperative toward continuity of life. In humans and other sentient animals, it can even take on the form of compassion when one fears for others. 

Given all the above a fundamental a difference in the ways we may relate to the impulse of fear is noteworthy: the difference between living with fear and living in fear. Denial fosters the latter, and acceptance brings us to the former. When we live with fear, we engage with our response as a shifting energy. It can be a powerful resource to nourish courage, inspiration and inner strength, all of which allow us to better discern and navigate the challenges facing us.

Energy literally means motion. E-motion is energy, and in nature overwhelming fear is present so long as the threat is immediate. If animals and prehistoric humans lived in fear as modern humans do because of the dangers facing them, they would all have died off long ago. Chronic disease and the inability to defend themselves because of their perpetual paralysis would be their killers more than any natural threat.

In the far past, humans lived with fear and it served them. Today, many promote that fear is bad, when what we really don’t want its causes: the sources of harm. Denying fear for the sake of a convenient routine, only makes it fester. When this has collective ramifications tyranny takes hold because those who are most in denial of the fear driving them end up being the most motivated to control. If denial were recognized for the miasma and diseased state it is, psychopathy may not have grown to be dominating force it is today.

The miasma has perpetuated, however, passed on from ancestor to descendant, from parent to child, taught by example. Most often in human societies acceptance and honesty were punished in a rather expertly veiled hypocrisy. Thus we have been more and more conditioned to mistrust our own nature. Instead, perversion and psychopathy in the name of professional or otherwise dominant authority have become our masters.

In my view feelings transform and nourish reality, and thoughts structure it. Feelings are “energy” and thoughts are what patterns that energy, like a watercourse guides the flow of water from the mountains to the sea. The supporting role of thought is meant to nourish us. In return, the nourishment empowers and reinforces the thoughts that reflect and support our desires.

When thoughts become dictatorial over feelings they act against our natural desire sense, and we become our worst enemy. This is especially true when our thoughts are based on lies and deceptive manipulations of our perception. We may be led like the proverbial fool to dig a hole to escape a flood. Our delusion of flight becomes the making of our own grave.  

In being tricked to fear our fear we can be locked in polarities of fearful vs. fearless, when this has nothing to do with the nature of the energy, which cannot be created or destroyed, but only changes form and expression. When erroneous tyrannical thought structures our options into either being overwhelmed by emotion or empty of it, it does not work toward our best interests. Instead it denies the very nature of emotion to change form and expression in relation to circumstance and need. 

When we are overwhelmed by fear- the word is “terrorized”- the energy feeds on itself, leading to panic and increased distress until an external cause alters the condition- usually for the worst. When we open to fear from a place of acceptance, and the threat is not immediate, we can feel deeply without acting out impulsively.  

The emotional energy can then run its course toward resolution. More awareness can enter and repurpose the fear energy toward a constructively mobilizing expression of well-being known as excitement leading to exhilaration. This is very empowering and the way even terror can transform when thought is held from artificially defining it. The transformation that can take one from the brink of panic is facilitated both by a quieting of verbal mind, and then by its initiating an inner dialog that gently allows the feeling to be digested without trying to force the feeling into submission in the name of a “positive mindset”.

In my honest opinion, waves of fear these days come from a backlog of collective and individual repression and due to deliberate terrorism by those who seek to engineer society against the human species outside of a select group. It sounds counterintuitive, but when we open to naturally respond to this attempted terrorism without buying into it- when we feel without drama, in other words- we can activate potentials in our being that do more than just give us a clear head and mobilized heart. We can, in the midst of fear, open to well-being as a form of natural love (known as agape).  

In this way, as we become established in this more mature mode of being, the weaponized fear thrust upon us becomes a means of empowerment, whereas those perpetrating terror end up being the only avenue for its expression. For those who promote fear are those who deny and repress it the most.

Consider that cause and effect works in the following manner: if one cannot dump their energy into a victimized outlet, and they continue to refuse to take response-ability for it, this energy will make them confront a reality reflecting their denial. Whether one credits this view or not, it does not serve us to be victims of fear.

It is my understanding that we can harness this energy as a source of empowerment, and even redemption. We may, therefore, do our part in leading our lives and world to balance and meaningful expression. The road to that balance may still be a rocky one. Those who would manipulate want us to think that we will suffer if we don’t cower before them. That is the biggest lie of all. Will we call their bluff and get real? Can we afford not to?

Engineered Memes

We take so much for granted in this social menagerie of ours. Our sense of meaning and value, or logic our feelings and desires. We tend to orient with respect to characteristics of experience as if they are the most natural thing in the world. We take them for granted and question little. Those who are more inquisitive about the ‘normal’ stuff- if they aren’t children to be ignored or given pat answers- are told they are overthinking things. I’ve heard- more than once- that overthinking will only make a given situation more complicated than it needs to be. We have enough to keep us busy worrying our whole lives anyway.

Overthinking is a characteristic or meme that I question. Avoiding it, in my book, all too often leads to the other extreme. Whereas “overthinking” is a common term, however, “underthinking” is not. It isn’t even recognized by my spell-check program as such. So I question: why not? If we are one-sided to avoid overthinking without compensating our trend, won’t we fall into a dumbed down attitude of being accustomed to an oversimplified, canned and packaged, predigested version of life itself?

It isn’t hard to see how we can be encouraged by trends to adopt attitudes that are approved in a wide spectrum of our relations. Allow me to be more definitive and speak specifically of memes. The concept I am pointing out is defined in the online urban dictionary as follows:

[A]n idea, belief or belief system, or pattern of behavior that spreads throughout a culture horizontally by cultural acquisition (as by peers, information media, and entertainment media).

The word is derived from a Greek verb that means “to imitate”.  A meme is thus not just a belief system but an pattern of proscribed behavior we are conditioned to mimic. If memes are engineered, it is very unlikely that there is benign intent behind the initiative. Given the prevaling patterns of propagated behavioral programming, the conclusion of this blogger at least is that the aim is to make us as docile, simple-minded and obedient.

The behavioral imperatives by which we are bombarded by media reinforcement are cumulative. In most urbanized humans of modern technological civilization, they saturate the psyche from cradle to grave. In this way they trigger a cascade of progressive programming that an increasing number suspect is leading to our acceptance of changes to life and society no sane human being would allow perpetrated- not without a fight.

Given the above let’s consider the notion regarding our values and sense of meaning being a product of a natural- if not healthy- environment. Compare it to the notion of all we consider tried and true to be not much more than the engineered regurgitations of an electronic information medium that is owned and operated by individuals you would not trust with your own, or any children for that matter. The latter is disturbing enough to draw attention, and from that initial response can emerge a number of outcomes ranging from a crusading attitude to protect ourselves from the implications of the idea to a crusading attitude to reject and demonize it as delusional.

But seriously; the above sounds like rampant, undadulterated paranoia. Even so, the urgency of the proposal that our responses to social scenarios, how we think, feel and express are determined by memes begs us to pay attention. The idea that such memes are actually designed and engineered either from scatch or corrupted in a purposeful manner heaps even more significance upon the question: who or what is behind it?

Caution is needed at this point, mostly due to the temptation to jump to extremes. Confusion can replace clarity, not because we are overthinking, but because we refer to the same memes to make sense of things. Confusion can also replace clarity when we are aware of the implications of assuming memes are our own thoughts, and fight them in a fearful and overly defensive manner. Specifically, regarding the prior question, we may refer to the “conspiracy theory” meme in one way or the other.

The conspiracy theory meme draws a stark line between those who advocate the prevalence of ongoing social conspiracies at the global level and those who do not. The meme is not the belief itself, but the evaluation of it from a perspective claiming to be rational.

It was originally engineered to demonize those that supported that large scale social conspiracies are fact. When that failed, further memes were engineered to divide, confuse, and drive into disarray those who considered themselves “awake” with respect to those on the other size who considered themselves anywhere on the spectrum of law abiding reason.

Any attempt to point out that the situation is engineered is bombarded with information overload, disinformation and aggressive responses from those who support the purpose of the meme- while mostly denying the meme has a purpose. Regardless of the power of the meme, it cannot resist the nature of human information networks, which is mutagenic to meme patterns.

In this case, more appear to believe in conspiracies than a decade or two ago (especially in the USA and Europe), but as the number increases so does the variety of personal neuroses expected in members of a dysfunctional society. So also do the opportunities to throw discord into the mix and divide opinion into specialized manageable groups at odds with each other.

One subsidiary of the meme is the idea- or observation depending on where one is coming from- that larger groups of believers are managed by individuals who are either accepted by the meme engineering establishment for containing the situation, or who are themselves kept busy and on the defensive. If they manage to stir a large enough number into solidarity, they are eliminated, usually through rabid discrediting.

If that doesn’t work then fabricated legal issues undermine their livelihood. If that fails then physical elimination is the final option. The latter, however, is probably not as common as some conspiracy advocates think. It makes sense that it would be reserved for those with overt material as opposed to strictly ideological impact, such as leaders of movements against specific corporate, political and economic interests.

Validating any conspiracy theory is easier said than done. Reliable sources are mixed with disinformation without a definite means of telling them apart. There is one option that where analysis can be set aside, however. It is pattern recognition. Consistent and open-minded observation, in other words, leads to the verification of prevalent patterns regarding the implications of our questions.

Another tactic that can be useful is the consideration of motive, means and opportunity where questions of a prevailing conspiracy- such as the idea that memes are engineered- arise. Usually these elements reveal the presence of criminal behavior to be more likely in any given context.

The conspiracy theory meme is just one example. There are memes of terrorism, and memes of beauty and social approval. There are memes that capitalize on historic injustice, racism, sexism and religious bigotry, and the unresolved resentments in individual psyches that may or may not always be a product of these issues.

Be that as it may their unofficial allure is that they offer the hope of justice and even reparation to the downtrodden, while keeping the populous divided even as they reward certain types of righteousness and punish others. On the other hand, any opportunity for righteous self promotion attracts the most unsavory individuals who may unfortunately also be the most charismatic among us.

We don’t have to deal directly with such sensitive memes to get the picture that we are being overtly conditioned. We need only open to the possibility that the pattern of a given meme can inform us regarding the motive, means and opportunity of those behind it.

The dire implications of such a possibility warrant our attention, and the consideration that a certain number of memes in modern information age society are not just- of at all- due to the vagaries of human nature. They are at the very least also a result of calculated intervention. Its ultimate purpose is to program human response by taking advantage of those human to which a psychopath can relate, such as resentment, greed, and various forms of- overt and covert- intimidation.

There is more to this than meets the eye in this writer’s opinion. If we go deeper into the rabbit hole we might crack open a window to see how psychopaths relate to the world when they will not or cannot empathize. I refer to their “gaming mentality”, a topic for the- hopefully- near future.

Thinking the US Election

There is much ado about the US election process, mostly among Americans (citizens of the United States, in other words). As usual the citizens are tasked by the establishment to pick the lesser of two evils. One individual likened this to one of those games I remember some of my friends liked to play when I was a child living in the US (and even when I was a University student much to my chagrin).

This is the distasteful to me challenge of being given two and only two options, amounting to being forced to opt between a rock and a hard place, or even more accurately, between the frying pan and the fire. In this particular instance the choice given was: put the kitty in the microwave or the blender. And if the cat-loving victim of the “challenge” opts out and says “neither”, then the promoter claims they are guaranteeing the poor kitty a gruesome death.

All this, of course, is compared with the argument that if you don’t vote for what you think is the lesser of two evils, one of two evils will be elected. If you do vote, one of two evils will still be elected, but at least you’re participating in the system.

Let’s take a step back and think for a moment. The friend who shared this actually did so in the context of being amazed at how little thinking is being done…anywhere. So let me prove that at least some thinking is being done. Nothing to write home about, but at least it won’t involve thought experiments with cooked kitties.

First consideration: being pressured to choose between two and only two options is hopefully about participating in a game. Even then, the game is considered to be rigged. When such conditions are imposed in real life it is called coercion. If the choices amount to the hang man’s noose or the electric chair the result is still death. If they involve electing a powerful political figure then we are talking of pseudo-democracy, effectively amounting to dictatorship that escalates to tyranny and from there enslavement. Not that there is much difference between the three terms in my book.

But imagine someone telling you that unless you choose the noose or the chair, you are contributing to your own demise. Imagine someone telling you that in a democracy you have no choice that matters. Imagine them getting angry if you reject their conditions and seek a third option. Who are these people?

Second consideration: It is assumed that if you are not instrumental actively in your own enslavement then you must be passively instrumental in it. But if you are told you only have the options dictated to you (it’s what dictators do), then rightfully you will do whatever anyone against their enslavement does: seek to create an alternative option.

If you are not free, then you are challenged to create or establish your freedom. It is not by magic, and it doesn’t occur in an instant. It isn’t even guaranteed success. But unless you reject the options given, where will you find the space and the time and the energy to proceed?

Third consideration: These days we can barely think. Thinking hurts when the brain is saturated with toxins, Wi-Fi, and let’s not forget the mindless cultural stimuli shoved in every mental orifice like so much fetish overkill. As if that weren’t enough, we have increasing trends of bullying where stupid people have fun hunting down anyone showing signs of sporting a brain cell or two more than them.

Spice the mix with a media engineered to lobotomize as they saturate the info-stream with so much sewage that it’s infected the so-called “alternative” forms.

Unless brain cell inflammation has atrophied the thinking process, the lucid individual in my book cannot help but conclude that so many converging factors are by design. And if that is so then there are those who think and think and think and pay those loyal to them to think even more all to keep us from thinking and worse.

Then there is the question of doing. Thinking and doing appear to be divorced and at each other’s throats these days. When the otherwise well matched couple get together and find harmony, they inspire people toward making a difference. But those who rock the boat of someone’s master plan tend to “disappear” if the waves they make are more pervasive than think-tanks predict they “should” be.

Given all the above, it is a miracle we don’t just shuffle into our graves like good little lemmings. That’s why I say one should nod in approval to any thinker. Should you, however, find an individual who both thinks and acts accordingly then it is cause for celebration. You should organize a holiday in their honor, throw them a party, with a parade and awards and accolades, ice cream (organic) and cake (homemade with the finest ingredients). That is how rare it is.

And one should hurry because the thinking/doing person, if they are heard and make a difference and fire up the grass roots of society for real, may have an accident sooner than later. But none of the above need lead us to despair. Even though thinking is rare and acting on it even rarer, we are challenged to a counterintuitive path if we want to make it through the think tank obstacle course.

This is how I see it:

We are challenged to think together, to think beyond our apparent places in this world, to think according to what is not obvious and to act in ways that think tanks cannot chart even if we are all butt-bare for them to data mine at their leisure.

Thinking may be short-circuited in most today. But as people and their antics appear- or are made to appear- to get dumber and dumber we are faced with an opportunity to think differently. Consider that we have more than just the brain in our heads. There are functioning neural nets around the heart and in the gut, that only the anti-thinking types would want to ignore.

Our body/mind (note it is ‘both/and’, not ‘either/or’) is more than a mass of programmable genetic wetware. It is one of Nature’s greater miracles as far as I’m concerned, and we are blessed with it; or rather we are it. Thinking need not be the thinking we have thought- as we have been taught- to think it is.

And that is the kind of thinking that will give social engineering psychopathic tyrants a run for their homicidal machinations. Or so I think. 😉

Britain has Spoken

Yesterday the Brits voted to exit the EU. The margin was narrow, which is something noteworthy in itself. I look at this as an example of the implementation of strategies and tactics toward the consolidation of power. It always is like this for psychopaths. Psychopaths can be understood to be individuals who really lack any working connection with life and ‘creation’. They don’t care about anything that feels meaningful to a psycho-centric human. That last word means soul centered.

I would say there is a tendency today to oversimplify the psychopath. It appears the tendency condenses them to the childish level of ‘bad’ and that’s all we need to know. Maybe then we can sweep them under the rug or just annihilate them physically. I am not advocating some sort of ‘love-in’ response to them. I consider myself more of a realist in that regard, and want to encourage others to study them in relation to ourselves, because they appear to have researched all our weaknesses. Perhaps we can look at this referendum deal from that studious perspective.

Let’s start by looking at this referendum in terms of “who benefits” from the decision, in the long run if not within the aegis of the emotional high of ‘victory’. The establishment calculates risks and benefits and comes to conclusions with respect to getting to the goal/prize it covets with as little loss as it can. To insure minimal loss, grand scale events need to be progressively and multiply simulated to account for an acceptable spectrum of variability.

One thing is noteworthy; that the establishment realizes the element of surprise can go a long way. But those cards are limited and several have been played already. It’s like Hollywood screenwriters trying to outwit an increasingly plot-savvy audience. I would say there are many probable moves in the chess game psychos play, and one can endlessly speculate. I realize I can appear uncharacteristically cynical and pessimistic in this analysis. When I say that the establishment will not allow real positive change unless it causes a greater change toward it’s agenda, I am doing so in the spirit of rising to the challenge, not dashing hope. Hope, in my honest opinion, is like a muscle that needs to be strengthened, not coddled.

After writing the above I came upon this article that collapses the proverbial wave-function of the vote results, or at least hints toward a specific ramification path. Remember the Greek referendum? It was practically a year ago this month. If authoritative control freaks are into the science of behavioral manipulation, it makes sense to dispense self-similar events under similar conditions. That sends a message of synchronistic significance to the masses, and increases the probability of a response similar to the one in the parallel circumstance. In this case, the EU gave the Greeks the finger regarding their vote.

Here’s the metaphor: give baby candy. Then ask for it back politely, and then more firmly. Then let the baby think it won. Then dash its little baby hopes to pieces. There is no greater victory over a human psyche than that revolving around the dashing of hope. Not only is the candy taken, but if the baby cries or in any way attempts to show disrespect to the authority looming over it, then terror is dispensed liberally, in the form of abuse impending or directly applied.

There are any number of ways the firm parent can reveal itself to be an abusive monster to the Brits. Some years ago there were riots, and I’m sure those memories are burned in the minds and bodies of quite a few. Perhaps that was the point. To let people know what may happen if they think they can ‘revolt’.

Although speculation here is informed and thought out, it is still speculation. Things can play out differently, with Britain being left alone to stand similar to Iceland in terms of establishment independence. That’s radical, but not unprecedented. Think of the colonial acquisitions Britain relinquished in the 20th century. Those countries are still under the thumb of globalist interests, still under the machinations of destabilizing elements, yet officially they are more likely to believe it’s an ‘internal’ problem, or an issue with a neighboring country. The usual suspects actually look generous.

Although there may be many paths twisting to the same goal, we need not predict them specifically. It is more important to brave the manipulation and learn from the patterns. It is said that great clarity comes to those who realize the noose waits for them. It comes after they transcend the initial terror. The practice of thinking or simply being present- not freaking out- under the duress of psychological manipulation can strengthen us, especially if thought is deep, clear and outside the box. This could lead us to a stronger in mind and more determined in heart.

The fact of globalism in the frightening sense is not the crazy theory it used to be. More and more are taking it seriously. Sociopolitical awakening is something the circumstances in the world themselves can do these days, even if much is controlled information. At least a few can resist the somnambulist momentum of cooked ‘disclosure’ and strengthen their minds to be more resourceful in ways they discover, share and innovate further.

I believe we can discern what we can do and in what way to do it. Suffice it to say, disrupting the impact of all those experiments against us, ‘should’ in my honest opinion be a priority. We are not sheep and we are not helpless children. Those are facts we can stand upon so the formerly knowing but firm parent cannot proclaim themselves to be a raving butcher/pedophile.

To conclude this little commentary I want to emphasize two points. First, that there is such a thing as intelligent revolution. Second that IQ only marks a slice of what constitutes ‘smarts’. Let us learn from events, and know ourselves and our world, the real and the programmed.

A Psycho-Aesthetic Rant

I’ve been reading online articles as of late, many of them attempting to debunk a lot of what makes the internet so colorful and interesting. Their science is bland no matter how they try to dress it up, their medicine hopeless when it’s not perverse, their politics are insane, and their religious rants are just to vomit for. At the same time folks all over the world appear to crave breaths of fresh air, changes that are life affirming, even as attempts to go out on a limb to catch the breeze appear few and far between. That isn’t surprising since limbs seem very prone to break these days.

Then there are the ‘alternatives’, like alternative medicine, politics, archeology, physics and spirituality, and many more. Sometimes these alternatives appear to be the fresh vitality we have been craving. Under any meaningful alternative path one might discern waves upon the surface of the calm and stagnant seas of proprietary thinking. One might see color washing its gray landscapes. Perhaps even a faint music may be heard wafting through its stiff and stale atmosphere. All that shaking and rocking can get the sleepers of hopeless conformity moved to rise up and celebrate. Sleepers can also wake on the wrong side of the bed; those who would throw all the refuse at their disposal at the offending source.

And yet the monotone forces of conformity can cleverly diversify. The enslaving path rammed down our throats since birth sustains a million grimly spun faces of reason, faith and cleverly contrived “compassion, and the masks we are prompted to emulate have ridiculously hypocritical smiles- ready to snap into disapproving frowns at the flick of a switch.

I am not here to advocate “alternative-ism” or debate if views claiming the label are credible or not. I am not here to dump the straight and narrow either. I only suggest addressing things from a psycho-aesthetic stance. A psycho-aesthetic stance is not simply a perspective of the soul- or mind- regarding what’s pretty. It isn’t even about appearances. The psyche is not, after all, like a leaf lazily floating about on the surface of things. Even if we are one of those sunny personalities skipping though life to proclaim: “what you see is what you get, baby” our psyche is still more like an underworld leviathan.

Most of its monstrous extent lurks in the dark cavernous domains of our under-self. On occasion a prominent crest will break the surface, to leave a few ripples that sparkle in the light of the conscious mind. Those fleeting sparkling splashes leave an enduring impression the mind then loops into that perpetual “what you see is  what you get, baby” that brings a smile- or smirk- to so many faces wishing it were that simple.

Psycho-aesthetic stance manifests as a sense of inner poise when the denizens of the depths of our being, those especially that are capable of touching, and even more consistently caressing our surface consciousness contact something that matters to them; something that can bestow a sense of balance between the wild chaos of an uncertain existence, and the stifling order of all that strives to control it.

The inner leviathan that so often appears to be the very source of every fear, neurosis and psychological entanglement the human mind can conceive is also a source as well as a guardian of treasure hoards of wisdom and existential potential waiting to manifest in the light of day. Inner wisdom grows on a certain ground that corresponds to a sense of poise. It is not the truth of the intellect this sense of poise respects and credits. It isn’t even the sentiments of the heart or the pleasures of the body per se. All those matter, for in meaningful proportions they provide the context and frame our inner wisdom needs to be real.

The seeds are already planted there, our embryonic aspirations waiting to sprout. The sunlight is our very own much prized consciousness. It is also the existential confidence that is not quite sentimental, but whose home is still the heart where sentiment also resides. All we need is the water of our commitment to the cultivation, a commitment of true passion. Then everything changes.

We can be trendy or we can be edgy or defiant or conforming. We can sport a wardrobe of “isms” to shape our personal identity, like a protective atmosphere; not the same as a hypocritical mask. It is ego; a good thing, like human skin is a good thing, so long as we don’t mistake it for the core of our strength and the truth of our psyche.

Being judged by the color of our skin is never pleasant, but for most being praised as having beautiful and/or healthy skin most often is. Skin matters in its way, and we all want it healthy, youthful and clear. Same with all the “isms” we sport. All are points of contact and references of relationship for us. Even though they matter, the treasure lies deeper, in the stance of inner poise, not easy to grasp but impossible to ignore once it is touched.

It comes from our depths, from the caverns of our much discredited and often ignored leviathan, the source of our true soul power. We can call it to the surface by honoring what we value, even if it sounds  incredible; and especially if it contradicts our ego’s conceptual fashion sense. I for one seek to enter the fray and navigate the waves from a position of poise, asserting what feels meaningful in the depths insofar as I can dive into them. No matter if my reason threatens that I must justify it from reliable and credible sources. I will not throw away my reason. But I must prioritize my psycho-aesthetic stance so that I may be poised in an uncertain world. As I move forward, I might even learn that which certain alternative views claim I do all along: Create my own reality.


Divide and Conquer: Part II

Divide and conquer is the name of the game. In the US, nurtured on the teat of the competitive mindset, it’s liberal against conservative, a polarization that appears to encompass all levels of social expression- poor vs. rich, secular vs. religious, nationalist vs. globalist etc. The rest of the world is not immune to its own divisions. They are just more deeply rooted; often a mix of blessing and curse, depending on how folks respond to the clear patterns imposed upon them: the ways and means of divide and conquer.

In my experience a majority of the so-called, self-proclaimed occultists do not appear to care about such things. Those into alternative media and lifestyles of the sociopolitical variety, however, should know better, even if by engaging in the research they often complain others should be doing. It is not my intent to sound holier than thou.

The simplistic generalizations are only meant to outline a deeper and more complex truth. Let the reader flesh out its entangled threads with their own thoughts and explorations. They are needed, because all of us are conned at some point and to varying degrees. Sharing our musings might just strengthen and unify us against the miasma of divide and conquer.

Divide and conquer is no accident of circumstance. Its rotting malaise is meant to spread like a plague. The powers that be don’t even have to do much. Immorality can be nurtured by the self righteous abusing the weak, who then grow up resentful and wanting to strike back. Base dispositions are made glamorous in modern culture that insures no good deed goes unpunished. Thus there is no lack of con artists and opportunists out there. There is no lack of the hypocrisy of false spirituality, snake oil selling gurus and flamboyant magi of the dark or the light.

There are also quite a few deposed princes and princesses. And some of them even use occult symbols, like a certain “ambassador” who upset the apple cart of the life of a rather easily swayed friend of mine last year. Around that time, interestingly, a young African woman sent me an email, out of the blue. She proclaimed herself the daughter of a deposed dignitary, and declared she was interested in getting to know me, if I could only “help” her.

That was an interesting experience. I caught my mind fabricating stories that it thought it got from her email. The reasoning was obviously just whimsy, and I really wasn’t interested. Even so, all the archetypes were there: damsel in distress, daughter of a royal personage or close to it. Even magic was involved, although upon closer inspection, it was pointed against me. With the email were attached a few innocent looking symbols of a certain goddess of the Afro-Caribbean tradition with embedded pornography in the geometric imagery. Lots of phallus images became apparent upon closer inspection, much to my chagrin.

That kind of “magic”is not the truly esoteric stuff I like to explore. It’s more based on mind control and hypnotic suggestion. It isn’t much different than the tricks of today’s media outlets, albeit based on religious practice rather than science. In either case one falls for mind control when their inner litmus tester is atrophied, weakened and side-lined. We don’t have to be victims to that. Here are some pointers around it.

It pays to know what we want, and to have a felt sense regarding who we are. Anything that contradicts that sense, especially if it denies our emotions and feelings when they are crying to be accepted, then the impulse is an “outsider”. Yet when we are flooded with subliminal threats, fear and anxiety triggers, suggestions that rationalize away our inner litmus tester (our true reason and intuition), it is so easy to run and hide away from the very strengths nature has provided us; if only we honor them.

When we don’t, it’s “divide and conquer”. Let us, therefore, look up and seek solidarity and the liberating strength it promises. We do not have to be “one”. Your friend is not your lover, and your lover is not you. The mystic sense of it is not the same as how the intellect tends to interpret such things in our day to day lives. Let’s reclaim the normal before expanding into the paranormal. Indeed, I am an advocate of esoteric development, but the discernment we need first is here and now.

If we do not want to be taken for a ride, therefore, it may be best to either avoid spirituality, at least the occult variety, lest we fall for faux sources that peddle disinformation. Why go to the trouble to explore such things deeply, when  Hollywood and religious bigotry, sometimes even the so called alternative media as well, have instant answers to shove down our throats? Best leave it alone until we are ready, if that is even our path at all.

Just think on this: we are more often conned into creating hell by being threatened with going there (by either defying god or established reason), than actually being placed in the pit because we did something wrong (other than being a naive or simply a good hypnotic subject).

That being said, it is my view that some sort of esoteric, or spiritual cultivation and the strengthening of our capacities of sentience is a boon to those who seek to navigate through the turmoil of the matrix today and perhaps make a difference tomorrow…without being conned or falling into despair…or worse.

I would even say it’s a must…but that might be taking it too far for some readers.

Still…we lose when divide and conquer takes hold of our lives, and it grabs us through the prejudices we deny so that they have rooted themselves unhindered into our minds and hearts.

I am not someone who tells others to go through life uncritically. I don’t make a high and mighty calling of “not judging”. Anxiety and fear, as well as outrage that conceals deep insecurity can push us to condemn where we are best served to carefully consider and evaluate. The fact remains, however, that the idea of “not judging” is all too often used as a means of manipulation via guilt.

So let us discern, and indeed judge, but do so to evaluate and learn. Let us treat everything as a class room to better ourselves in the challenges we face, rather than a courtroom where we are more likely to end up at the receiving end of a sentence when are so confident we sit in the judge position. After all, it is not divine power that has set us up for a fall, but the very psychopathic manipulators who thrive on dividing us against each other, so they revel in their conquests without so much as lifting a finger.

Part I

Divide and Conquer: Part I

This is not an original topic, especially these days of media manipulation masking as entertainment and education. I feel compelled to express on it because of a specific example. Perhaps my thoughts will take me onto more generalized tangents as they flow. For now, however, let me scratch the itch that bothers me. I want to just have my say, even if the particular example of divide and conquer is not all that interesting to those out there who advocate a more conventional reality paradigm.

To make a long story short, I’ve noticed a kind or rift between people who practice occultism and those that practice alternative spirituality. I am interested in both. I research both and have been for the last thirty years, and have also been practicing both for just about that amount of time. These days I’m on my own track, doing my own thing as it were. Occasionally, however, I scan the Internet to see what’s up in the public domain.

Just the other day I applied the word “occultism” to a popular search engine and got nothing but Nazis, Zionists, celebrities doing hand signs with weird captions over the pictures, and eyes on top of pyramids glaring at me. That is not the occultism I know and love to research and practice.

I think the search engine lodged that weirdness at me because I frequent alternative media sites. Somehow it thought this was what interested me. Or perhaps, for those who are into not respecting the mainstream media of any part of the world, the Internet has been programmed to provide nothing but disorienting slander sprinkled with misrepresented truth.

I am irked because what I know is that alternative spirituality is occultism. It is, after all, all about mystery, and mystery is occult (concealed) knowledge. By proxy, occultism is alternative spirituality because it does not cater to mainstream religion. The rest is bullshit, misconception and propaganda…punctuated by a number of folks acting out self-fulfilling prophecies of Hollywood nightmare fantasies, as if conscripted to do so.

This rift disturbs me. It shouldn’t be there. Yet so-called scientific folks who believe in reason, also believe in aliens. Then they laugh at those who practice mind-over-matter methodologies or summon “spirits” and think that makes sense.

There are too many self-proclaimed occultists, on the other hand, who tend to laugh at “conspiracy theories”. I’m not sure if those who scoff really believe in the system or they don’t care and just pay lip service to it. Many seem to have been bullied by religion in some way. They may declare they are Satanists or Antinomian practitioners for no other reason but as a response to oppressive religious upbringing.

Justified or not, in my eyes the resentful attitude leaves them wide open to a social (political and economic) establishment that tends to capitalize on weakness. We are so easily misled in our prejudices, especially when we try so hard to convince ourselves and everyone around us that we are not.

Many of us feel bullied into political correctness. We feel victimized by the practice of gas-lighting; the deliberate attempt to make one question one’s own sanity. Even as we are bullied, however, we are also “allowed” acceptable counter-establishment rebelliousness when it gives us an outlet of denial or otherwise serves the enslaving establishment.

We can brazenly be trendy, for example, where decades ago we would be ridiculed. We can get implants, and tattoos are cool, and sex changes are more and more in vogue. Yet many of us are also reluctant to ask about those white lines planes leave in the sky, or what’s in the needles that poke our children. We know better than to rock the boat in ways that may leave us exposed.

We can, therefore, revel in being bohemian, and still be obedient. We can draw our pentagrams and chant our spells to claim love, money or a better place in the pecking order. We can do that and be cool, so long as we don’t question how many people of a certain religious persuasion died in the last world war, or the justice of taxation without honest representation.

How can we expose ourselves by such inquiries when there are those who have cornered the market on being so concerned, and they are not like us? Those who want their guns locked and loaded; those who despise government telling them what to do; those who would erect high barricades against immigrants threatening to flood their stomping grounds. It’s probably not worth the trouble when those most vocal about such things point fingers and call you evil.

We, on the other hand who are disposed to tote our guns and rattle our bibles, may know we are despised by those who deem themselves tolerant judges of oppressive bigotry, and we don’t care because we are right. And we who believe love and light will save the day, because we deem it so- our guides are never wrong! Others will point and call us crazy, and the rest will damn us to hell, as they rattle their dogmas and roll their eyes.

Those of us who are believers, either of new age light works or the one true lord, are anathema to those who are cool, and side with the trends. They know who is boss and they know who runs the show, at least in a visceral way. To their brain it’s all plain as day. They listen to experts and whatever officials have to say. They smile polite and condescending. They cry with outrage when expected to do so. Yet some of those are occultists, as strange as it gets. That is the power of divide and conquer, working in plain sight to ruin what would  otherwise be alliances of common sense.

Part II

The Imperative of Self-Cultivation

The imperative of self-cultivation is not a commandment by deity, nor is it arrogant ambition or cult initiative. It is nothing less than evolutionary necessity.

A psychopath lacks any sense of heart connection to their environment. They manifest a bloated survival instinct, and live to fill the empty soul-void at their core by repressing anything meaningful in their environemnt and other living beings. The inner distortion, marketed as evolutionary superiority, fuels a sense of desperation that mobilizes determination, mental focus and a constant calculation of the odds in all their competing relations- everything and everyone.

Inner distortion makes them desperate beings. Under the well-adjusted exterior, there is a cornered animal at odds with the world. In depths they rarely acknowledge the torment of survival struggle makes existence intolerable. In the mind of the psychopath whose intellect has been molded by necessity, there is the imperative to be akin to a god, if only they can get away with it. Most can only resort to petty tyranny or fake their way until they can.

It is not just any god they desire to emulate, but ‘The’ God that has no other gods before Him. I use the masculine regardless of psychopath gender because there is nothing nurturing or creative here. There are goddesses that appear to favor the psychopath way of things, but appearance is not always reality. That theme I save for a future post.

My point is that the psychopath would be almost admirable in their seeming strength if not for the corruption that drives them. Even if they did become gods, in the end their emptiness and isolation from life would catch up to them. They would tear existence apart on any number of pretenses, scientific, philosophical, religious or simply because they could.

When an individual wants to die, but is too disconnected and afraid, they tend to project their wish their own death onto the world. The essence that comes as close to a soul as one can define it for the psychopath will be driven by the urge to literally eat its way out of existence, like a saber-toothed Pac-man on adrenaline overdrive.

Destroying existence under the guise of a lust for power and control, itself under a mask of idealistic and even pragmatic justification- a mask of lies- is the psychopath’s way of ultimate suicide. The psychopath of whom I speak is not your average psychopath. He or she is the upgraded version whose cunning and determination are one-pointed. Other psychopaths want to be this type. This is the psychopath deified, with all the power they crave at their disposal.

The topic of psychopath anatomy and psycho-physiology can be elaborated at length. In this instance, however, I seek to present a contrasting example to our topic of self-cultivation necessity. Simply put, self-cultivation leads to forging the ability to respond effectively to the psychopath and their works. It is that ability that is of utmost importance in the days of tribulation in which we find ourselves.

The proliferation of the psychopath is an existential issue for our species and the immediate world. It is a cancer that threatens no less than our very existence as individuals, as a species, and as life on a miraculous planet that could and should be the paradise of all its inhabitants. Cancer is manageable and even natural when it manifests as the occasional mutated cell. It grows to lethal proportions when stress and toxicity weaken the immune system evolved to keep it in check.

Even then, so long as we draw breath we are alive and there is hope. I would like to believe that in such circumstances as being diagnosed with a medical death sentence I would never give up. I would like to believe that the same applies where the psychopathic cancer is concerned. Regardless, I am stating the obvious when I say that given a life or death situation, the only one with motive to discourage me is the one wanting me defeated. I would therefore recommend to take the notions of the all-powerful ‘elite’ with a grain of salt, as they are the ones seeking to intimidate us into despair.

It helps to remember that any cancer is only as strong as the immune system is weak. Whether we are afflicted or not by disease, we would think it natural to call our need to strengthen our immune system an imperative; more so if we sought cure rather than prevention. Even as we are well past the prevention stage where the human infestation of psychopathy is concerned, we need not condemn the situation as terminal. Instead we can place what strength, energy and determination we have to take our imperative seriously. Then we may constructively and effectively learn to respond to psychopathic malaise at every level of its manifestation, and as each unique situation dictates.

Our first step, in my opinion, is the cultivation of discernment. Those who find themselves with the short end of the stick in a global society increasingly under psychopathic dominance appear to be at a grave disadvantage. Working discernment, however, can be a tipping factor. In the discerning individual daunting appearances stimulate not despair, but the determination to examine them deeper.

The sense here is that taking things at face value is not in our best interests when they just so happen to benefit those who seek to conquer us body and soul. We may look around and start observing that the mainstream ‘facts’ tend to confirm the ideology of those who discover them through ‘legitimate’ and ‘credited’ means. Many have already made such observations judging from the Internet information stream, and that means discernment is not dead, not by a long-shot.

At this stage the possibilities of cultivating discernment and other inner human resources is still on the table. It is, in other words, not yet a crime to pursue that cultivation. I am not being paranoid to consider that it can be. Human history is full of periods where peaceful individuals with a passion for creative and spiritual innovation were hunted relentlessly, when the benefits threatened to liberate a given group of humanity from authoritarian control. Psychopaths tend to view human potential as a threat, and most of their focus today is geared to eradicating it; hence our imperative of self-cultivation.

Respected reader, please forgive the lack of concise definition and/or description of what self-cultivation is in this writer’s conception- aside from the example of discernment. I leave the positive elaboration of the concept for another day. My recommended food for thought here and now is the notion that the imperative to self-cultivate comes from the depths of evolutionary necessity. It is not just the survival of our species, but of life as we know it on this planet, that calls for it.

Success in what may be the greatest thrust toward existential healing our species has ever faced, can propel us to a future that would make up for all the suffering of the past. If they could, all  forms of being would nod in understanding, and look back in time to know without a shadow of a doubt that it was all worth it. May that day come sooner that we think.