Moving Forward

by xparavox

It’s been awhile since the last post here, and for a reason. I wasn’t satisfied with this blog, in the sense that it did not represent me in a way that would keep me motivated to write as I have. I won’t go into any tiresome analysis about it, but it was time for a change. As many readers may have observed in their lives, sometimes the realization that it is time for a change takes a while before it is validated by real-time experience.

Sometimes the changes are not only undesired, but they can be forced upon one almost violently. In a way, it’s like being bored in my carriage ride and ending up hitting a major bump so that I practically bite my tongue off. I can see such an event as an answer to my “whining”, or I can figure that my carriage has bad suspension and requires some fixing.

The good news is that unless one encounters a particularly upsetting patch in one’s life journey, bumps are usually brief events. If one, however, realizes that some sort of adaptation to the chaotic forces is needed, the journey becomes not only smoother, but may  reveal the vehicle entering a more engaging territory.

As I was pondering about how to be more true to my muse, making a number of new years resolutions in the process, the bump hit. It’s a long story. Suffice it to say a family issue came up right on the Winter Solstice, and it wasn’t until about a week ago that things started to smooth out again.

Shit happens, and our world is in crisis enough without personal matters exacerbating things. Similarly, our lives are chaotic enough without world events making it worse. Like many of you, I just want to live in peace, to explore my being and my world, to be creative and to be free to live, love and prosper in health and meaningful expression, as I define such- respecting the life around me of course.

The fact that shit gets in the way of that irks me. These posts were expressions of a mobilizing frustration with the constant push of psychopathic and parasitic causality to program not just people, but nature Herself toward destruction. To make matters more irking, this destructive path is imposed because the depths of hell in those psychopathic souls- in all of us for that matter- are left to a great extent unaddressed. Certainly I want to live in peace, but I do not want to be oblivious to what desperately needs my attention.

In my view, we as human beings are constantly conditioned to frame our experience in ways that marginalize our capacity to effectively deal with it. We are either numbed to ignore and deny or are limited to obsessive and relentless applications of flimsy band aids with sparkly promises written over them. We are, furthermore, programmed to emulate our authoritarian matrix handlers as if they were parents, masters, or gods according to some of their dark fantasies. Thus when we do manage to see a problem we cannot avoid, we treat it like the medical establishment treats cancer: poison it, burn it or cut it out. In the end, even as we sink in the sweet fantasy of doing the best we can, the result is our self-mutilation and the sacrificing of all we hold dear.

I am actually quite optimistic as I write this. I am hopeful with a sense of possibility because so much that drags us into perdition is written upon and within us as “reality”. It is that writing on our inner wall, tantamount to dictated code to enforce obedience that prevents our truly divine natural healing potential from kicking in and getting us back to being the free and creatively loving blessings to ourselves and all around us we were “designed” to be.

If one gets physically sick, the body requires time and care to heal. But first conditions need to be met, such as healthy diet, proper hydration, adequate rest and comfort. If infected by a parasite, we need to remove the invading organism, eliminate the toxins it has released into our system, and insure the aforementioned of any proprietary conditions of physical healing are met.

My point is to identify the programming as the parasite, like a computer virus that not only infects us and replicates at every turn, but which is designed to instill the sense that we ourselves are machines. Thus, whereas the nature of the parasite may be of the sort our natural design can address, we are instead hobbled to view it mechanically so that it cannot even be understood unless we pose it in terms of a computer program or virus or other such morally neutral assemblage.

So I was looking at issues revolving around mind control and how to mitigate, counter and even reverse it. I was not content to simply spout commentaries on the human condition, and opinions regarding events as the media- alternative or otherwise- portrays them. On the other hand, this blog will still stand and the occasional post of paradoxical or straight-laced commentary will be made. It’s just that right now, my focus is more on a path that I believe is more conducive to addressing the issue of mind control and overt parasitic conditioning, the need for deep existential healing and the possibilities of empowerment beyond cliché elaborations.

In my view, esoteric themes more appropriately cover these topics when presented with lucidity and care. That is easier said than done. So no guarantees, but it is my very determined intention to present what can be realistically applied provided one puts in the energy (time, attention, life force etc.). One cannot embrace positive change in contradictory conditions of active oppression without initiative and effort. Simply taking a pill or being basked in grace has not worked and is not meant to work unless the way is paved for it via some form of effort. The majority of humanity may indeed wait for the savior, but it is a minority that will usher in the conditions favoring salvation.

We don’t have to wait for everyone or most to transform or “get it”. We don’t have to bear the weight of responsibility on our shoulders. We are instead best served, in my view, by knowing ourselves independently of “where we fit in”. Will I offer the effort, energy, time, attention- whatever? Some pay for services, knowledge etc. That can work to get the ball rolling but if buying salvation is one’s (albeit hidden) intent, through a seminar, a book, a pill or whatever, disappointment is the most likely outcome.

Yet if one acquires something as an investment and seed around which to base one’s effort, attention and energy, then  more than likely the seed will sprout and will lead to nourishing fruit that will make a difference worth the investment and effort together. From my end, I have made my own efforts and have results worth sharing. The Esothemes blog will be the medium and most of my focus. If you who read this are interested, the link is As for this venue, it is slowing down for now, but never halting activity completely. Stay tuned, you never know what might come up here and how the wheel may turn.