Living in Fear vs. Living with Fear

by xparavox

Fear dominates much of human existence, and this is nothing new. Fear is used as a weapon by those who seek to dominate others, and that is also nothing new. The promotion of fear has become a precise science among a minority portion of humanity that it has taken on the nature of a WMD (weapon of mass destruction). 

Be that as it may, fear is a natural response in biological organisms. Fear tells you to run, but it doesn’t specify where, and if you are not aware, the direction of flight might lead you to a dead end or over a cliff. Fear tells you to fight, and you may triumph or be cajoled into a conflict where the only victor is the puppeteer that set you up.

To avoid fear being turned from friend to nemesis we are challenged to refrain from repressing or denying that response. It helps us little or naught to assume fear is an illusion, or something to be transcended for loftier sentiments. Fear is truly the most primal force of our psyche, they very radical imperative toward continuity of life. In humans and other sentient animals, it can even take on the form of compassion when one fears for others. 

Given all the above a fundamental a difference in the ways we may relate to the impulse of fear is noteworthy: the difference between living with fear and living in fear. Denial fosters the latter, and acceptance brings us to the former. When we live with fear, we engage with our response as a shifting energy. It can be a powerful resource to nourish courage, inspiration and inner strength, all of which allow us to better discern and navigate the challenges facing us.

Energy literally means motion. E-motion is energy, and in nature overwhelming fear is present so long as the threat is immediate. If animals and prehistoric humans lived in fear as modern humans do because of the dangers facing them, they would all have died off long ago. Chronic disease and the inability to defend themselves because of their perpetual paralysis would be their killers more than any natural threat.

In the far past, humans lived with fear and it served them. Today, many promote that fear is bad, when what we really don’t want its causes: the sources of harm. Denying fear for the sake of a convenient routine, only makes it fester. When this has collective ramifications tyranny takes hold because those who are most in denial of the fear driving them end up being the most motivated to control. If denial were recognized for the miasma and diseased state it is, psychopathy may not have grown to be dominating force it is today.

The miasma has perpetuated, however, passed on from ancestor to descendant, from parent to child, taught by example. Most often in human societies acceptance and honesty were punished in a rather expertly veiled hypocrisy. Thus we have been more and more conditioned to mistrust our own nature. Instead, perversion and psychopathy in the name of professional or otherwise dominant authority have become our masters.

In my view feelings transform and nourish reality, and thoughts structure it. Feelings are “energy” and thoughts are what patterns that energy, like a watercourse guides the flow of water from the mountains to the sea. The supporting role of thought is meant to nourish us. In return, the nourishment empowers and reinforces the thoughts that reflect and support our desires.

When thoughts become dictatorial over feelings they act against our natural desire sense, and we become our worst enemy. This is especially true when our thoughts are based on lies and deceptive manipulations of our perception. We may be led like the proverbial fool to dig a hole to escape a flood. Our delusion of flight becomes the making of our own grave.  

In being tricked to fear our fear we can be locked in polarities of fearful vs. fearless, when this has nothing to do with the nature of the energy, which cannot be created or destroyed, but only changes form and expression. When erroneous tyrannical thought structures our options into either being overwhelmed by emotion or empty of it, it does not work toward our best interests. Instead it denies the very nature of emotion to change form and expression in relation to circumstance and need. 

When we are overwhelmed by fear- the word is “terrorized”- the energy feeds on itself, leading to panic and increased distress until an external cause alters the condition- usually for the worst. When we open to fear from a place of acceptance, and the threat is not immediate, we can feel deeply without acting out impulsively.  

The emotional energy can then run its course toward resolution. More awareness can enter and repurpose the fear energy toward a constructively mobilizing expression of well-being known as excitement leading to exhilaration. This is very empowering and the way even terror can transform when thought is held from artificially defining it. The transformation that can take one from the brink of panic is facilitated both by a quieting of verbal mind, and then by its initiating an inner dialog that gently allows the feeling to be digested without trying to force the feeling into submission in the name of a “positive mindset”.

In my honest opinion, waves of fear these days come from a backlog of collective and individual repression and due to deliberate terrorism by those who seek to engineer society against the human species outside of a select group. It sounds counterintuitive, but when we open to naturally respond to this attempted terrorism without buying into it- when we feel without drama, in other words- we can activate potentials in our being that do more than just give us a clear head and mobilized heart. We can, in the midst of fear, open to well-being as a form of natural love (known as agape).  

In this way, as we become established in this more mature mode of being, the weaponized fear thrust upon us becomes a means of empowerment, whereas those perpetrating terror end up being the only avenue for its expression. For those who promote fear are those who deny and repress it the most.

Consider that cause and effect works in the following manner: if one cannot dump their energy into a victimized outlet, and they continue to refuse to take response-ability for it, this energy will make them confront a reality reflecting their denial. Whether one credits this view or not, it does not serve us to be victims of fear.

It is my understanding that we can harness this energy as a source of empowerment, and even redemption. We may, therefore, do our part in leading our lives and world to balance and meaningful expression. The road to that balance may still be a rocky one. Those who would manipulate want us to think that we will suffer if we don’t cower before them. That is the biggest lie of all. Will we call their bluff and get real? Can we afford not to?