Thinking the US Election

by xparavox

There is much ado about the US election process, mostly among Americans (citizens of the United States, in other words). As usual the citizens are tasked by the establishment to pick the lesser of two evils. One individual likened this to one of those games I remember some of my friends liked to play when I was a child living in the US (and even when I was a University student much to my chagrin).

This is the distasteful to me challenge of being given two and only two options, amounting to being forced to opt between a rock and a hard place, or even more accurately, between the frying pan and the fire. In this particular instance the choice given was: put the kitty in the microwave or the blender. And if the cat-loving victim of the “challenge” opts out and says “neither”, then the promoter claims they are guaranteeing the poor kitty a gruesome death.

All this, of course, is compared with the argument that if you don’t vote for what you think is the lesser of two evils, one of two evils will be elected. If you do vote, one of two evils will still be elected, but at least you’re participating in the system.

Let’s take a step back and think for a moment. The friend who shared this actually did so in the context of being amazed at how little thinking is being done…anywhere. So let me prove that at least some thinking is being done. Nothing to write home about, but at least it won’t involve thought experiments with cooked kitties.

First consideration: being pressured to choose between two and only two options is hopefully about participating in a game. Even then, the game is considered to be rigged. When such conditions are imposed in real life it is called coercion. If the choices amount to the hang man’s noose or the electric chair the result is still death. If they involve electing a powerful political figure then we are talking of pseudo-democracy, effectively amounting to dictatorship that escalates to tyranny and from there enslavement. Not that there is much difference between the three terms in my book.

But imagine someone telling you that unless you choose the noose or the chair, you are contributing to your own demise. Imagine someone telling you that in a democracy you have no choice that matters. Imagine them getting angry if you reject their conditions and seek a third option. Who are these people?

Second consideration: It is assumed that if you are not instrumental actively in your own enslavement then you must be passively instrumental in it. But if you are told you only have the options dictated to you (it’s what dictators do), then rightfully you will do whatever anyone against their enslavement does: seek to create an alternative option.

If you are not free, then you are challenged to create or establish your freedom. It is not by magic, and it doesn’t occur in an instant. It isn’t even guaranteed success. But unless you reject the options given, where will you find the space and the time and the energy to proceed?

Third consideration: These days we can barely think. Thinking hurts when the brain is saturated with toxins, Wi-Fi, and let’s not forget the mindless cultural stimuli shoved in every mental orifice like so much fetish overkill. As if that weren’t enough, we have increasing trends of bullying where stupid people have fun hunting down anyone showing signs of sporting a brain cell or two more than them.

Spice the mix with a media engineered to lobotomize as they saturate the info-stream with so much sewage that it’s infected the so-called “alternative” forms.

Unless brain cell inflammation has atrophied the thinking process, the lucid individual in my book cannot help but conclude that so many converging factors are by design. And if that is so then there are those who think and think and think and pay those loyal to them to think even more all to keep us from thinking and worse.

Then there is the question of doing. Thinking and doing appear to be divorced and at each other’s throats these days. When the otherwise well matched couple get together and find harmony, they inspire people toward making a difference. But those who rock the boat of someone’s master plan tend to “disappear” if the waves they make are more pervasive than think-tanks predict they “should” be.

Given all the above, it is a miracle we don’t just shuffle into our graves like good little lemmings. That’s why I say one should nod in approval to any thinker. Should you, however, find an individual who both thinks and acts accordingly then it is cause for celebration. You should organize a holiday in their honor, throw them a party, with a parade and awards and accolades, ice cream (organic) and cake (homemade with the finest ingredients). That is how rare it is.

And one should hurry because the thinking/doing person, if they are heard and make a difference and fire up the grass roots of society for real, may have an accident sooner than later. But none of the above need lead us to despair. Even though thinking is rare and acting on it even rarer, we are challenged to a counterintuitive path if we want to make it through the think tank obstacle course.

This is how I see it:

We are challenged to think together, to think beyond our apparent places in this world, to think according to what is not obvious and to act in ways that think tanks cannot chart even if we are all butt-bare for them to data mine at their leisure.

Thinking may be short-circuited in most today. But as people and their antics appear- or are made to appear- to get dumber and dumber we are faced with an opportunity to think differently. Consider that we have more than just the brain in our heads. There are functioning neural nets around the heart and in the gut, that only the anti-thinking types would want to ignore.

Our body/mind (note it is ‘both/and’, not ‘either/or’) is more than a mass of programmable genetic wetware. It is one of Nature’s greater miracles as far as I’m concerned, and we are blessed with it; or rather we are it. Thinking need not be the thinking we have thought- as we have been taught- to think it is.

And that is the kind of thinking that will give social engineering psychopathic tyrants a run for their homicidal machinations. Or so I think. 😉