Reality Sculpting 101: II. Facing The Challenge

by xparavox

Reality sculpting is not the same as creating reality from nothing. It does not mean we say “behold”, wave a wand and the Hollywood effects take over. Nature expresses with a certain economy for a reason. Bypassing, defying or even transforming that economy are possible in my view, but also in my view, not readily, nor easily done. I do not think it is wise to consider reality sculpting in terms of a simple technique one can apply in the matter of mental, spiritual or life-force gymnastics.

At the same time reality sculpting is natural. It is potentially an art for those who would engage thoughtfully and creatively in its possibilities. I want to approach the issue of reality sculpting because we live at a time in history when it seems that our reality is being literally forced toward ends that would very likely horrify us if we had the full picture of that situation.

In this state of affairs we are challenged to learn to breath and live and see and think outside the box. Much of the time, however, outside the box means being incoherent in the face of conditioned reasoning. It, therefore, takes time to acclimate and gain a sense of being ok with “different” thinking, feeling etc.

The enthusiast in alternative thinking soon realizes they cannot drag everyone else outside the box with them. Social programming enforces a reality context that is like a maze of confusion. In this maze, there is low visibility with no straight lines, and no clear outcomes. Simply pushing to visualize, affirm and will one’s chosen reality frame, because of the rigged status of that maze, will get us nowhere but believing in nothing but the futility of hope.

Anything that appears more rational and direct is likely out of a menu of memes we have been taught to respect and designed to get us in one of many chess game extensions of chasing our tails and wasting what meager resources we have left. The way things stand, it appears people cannot be forced out of denial. They cannot be talked into waking up. They cannot be un-brainwashed by another’s intellectual arguments, nor by emotional plea.

Going out and organizing revolution followed by counter-revolution is well and good, but it has been factored into the “game plan”. I would say that if we want a possibility to be globally fruitful it is best to consider those the establishment doesn’t credit or understand, or better yet, cannot even perceive.

Those are the issues I feel we are challenged to address before any semblance of tangible and lasting reality correction ensues via the power of our direct intentions. In this state of affairs it appears to me that there are many who want nothing more than to be told where the off switch to their problems is. I’m relieved things don’t work that way. It would be a very bland universe if they did. It is not, and I don’t see workable simple answers in this tangled web of ours. The challenge we are called to face here is rather to think beyond how we are conditioned to think.

Somehow we know we need to think for ourselves. We are encouraged in western culture to do so, in fact, but that does not mean the practice is genuine. Instead we are mostly told by authority figures and experts what and how to think, and even threatened with reprisals that sound reasonable (like incarceration and drugging) to those most programmed.

I can understand how so many are fed up with being told what to do these days. Yet they probably don’t question authority much, since anyone who is not an expert and authority is just an asshole venting hot air most of the time. At most they only have an opinion, which is pretty close to an asshole in most people’s regard, I would say.

The internet seems to be full of blow holes these days. It is hard to tell them apart from those who know what they are talking about. Hell, I can’t come up with good arguments for myself in that regard. I just hope readers can grasp the notion of an outside the box perspective beyond the cliché. I hope paradox is not equated with bullshit, but can be seen as reason beyond social programming.

Where reality sculpting is concerned there are those who discourage themselves and others with an all or nothing attitude. Anyone attempting to support psychic means of changing reality for the better- if I am not wealthy, healthy and happy- is not credible. If reality sculpting hasn’t solved everything or even one single important thing in the life of its advocate (mostly concerned with monetary stability) then it isn’t worth a glance, let alone the actual commitment required to make it work.

At face value it’s a reasonable condition. Someone who assumes they can wish their way to desired outcomes, when disappointed, can resort to either fatalism or the standard rout of applying themselves in mundane ways, legally or illegally, with or without moral integrity. If they are disappointed further their consolation is that at least they’re being realistic.  

Reasonable as the sentiment may be, it is not a product of deep and thoughtful analysis nor even intuitive insight. I want to address the topic, being aware that I am not the first nor will I be the last to do so. I want to address it because the critique is to be expected in any promotion of reality sculpting, and because I trust in the intrinsic value of this view to shed some light on an easily misunderstood topic. 

There are reasons why the situation is not so simple as a “law of attraction” would have it. There are reasons why it only appears to work for a minority, and it is not because they are doing things right. There are measures we can take as well, but it means expanding our view toward a bigger picture than just material or spiritual gain. I want to continue this series because it interests me, but I think it can be useful to those who have not thrown the baby out with the bathwater in their disappointment in reality sculpting.

At the same time, I won’t hesitate in critiquing the oversimplified perspectives that for whatever reason are made popular, and which have done more damage to the possibilities of positive reality sculpting maturing in our culture than any form of ridicule or modern day witch-hunt could do. So let me roll up my sleeves and stay tuned.