The Demonizing of our Inner Resources

by xparavox

I’ve been doing videos with an online friend of mine, Ron Van Dyke since 2013 if memory serves. It was kind of fun, sitting there just talking about things that interested me. A few times there would even be dialog, but mostly it was just me releasing the hounds of personal viewpoint, as it were.

Ron and I share a certain common mindset, one that I have seen attacked and even touted as a sign one is a ‘shill’. It goes something like this: addressing the issues of humanity from a purely mundane framework of conventional or even unconventional reasoning- including religious and philosophical reasoning- is not going to resolve the situation, nor even make a dent in it. To me it is a conclusion akin to one definition of insanity: approaching a problem in the same impotent manner, always hoping for a different outcome.

In effect most who realize all is not right with the world appear to think that applying this or that system, philosophy, financial or social/psychological approach can make a difference. In comparison, anyone suggesting a different and paradoxical way is marginalized, and can be bullied and ridiculed. Even worse they might become a cultural icon and hence a caricature and joke of all they claim meaningful.

The aforementioned state of affairs- the demonization of the real inner alternative approaches- is more than a little bothersome to me. When definitions of what is ‘good’ vs. what is ‘bad’ thinking are ironed out people can cease to think. Instead they tend to refer to the menu of definitions and feel very intelligent in the process. Call it the frugality of mental function or its delusional tendencies.

In any case, I too am oversimplifying for the sake of making a point. Ron and I understand that the way things are, we need more than a physical revolution or a new system to redeem our species, and all other life on this planet, from the suffering it endures at the hands of human psychopathy/sociopathy. Where Ron believes only a transcendent Divine Creator (or rather the Creator) can make a difference, I ascribe to the view that human beings have it in them to awaken alternative resources of heart, mind, body and spirit to engage at a depth of meaning with the conditions of existence necessary for results to be satisfactory for all. In fact, I would say that kind of cultivation has been part of the ‘Divine Plan’ all along.

Unfortunately, the depths of which I speak have been simplified, conceptually packaged and reworked by the deluded and opportunistic. The possibilities have certainly been corrupted by malicious individuals working for the pro-global enslaving establishment known colloquially as ‘shills’. The umbrella label used to demonize our inner resources as been known by many names, and over the last several decades as “New Age Thought”. Indeed the meme has so many facets I find myself singing its praises one minute and criticizing the shit out of it the next.

Finding one’s self on the schizoid seesaw of love/hate with a contrived meme is not flattering when you come down to it. It is damn humbling, and to me underlines the need for a discerning filter to make sure babies don’t end up down the drain with dirty bath waters. And therein lies the challenge.

We don’t like racial, religious or gender labels, especially when it is our race, religion or gender that is labelled. But we still apply them wherever we are not put on the spot by this or that ‘correctness’ mindset. New Age is a label. It does not reflect reality except in the sense that a minority of promoters of pseudo-spiritual crap have run with it. The rest is often the result of ignorant human nature, one of the greatest resources of tyranny throughout the ages.

Interestingly, many of those who keep claiming that we have to research and investigate seem to do nothing of the sort where this label is concerned. They (to use the pronoun common among the paranoid and deluded) mix ascension with awakening, Satanism with occultism, magic with trickery (although it can be, but not always), connecting with non-corporeal existence (which can be anything from the essence of other life forms to something beyond our comprehension of space-time) with the religiously demonic.

They associate psychopathic and sadistic practices with the reverence of nature, and religion with mysticism- rarely compatible. As a result of the labelling there is division among those who think rationally, and even between those who explore the trans-rational but in different ways. Yet it is common for individuals (as ‘normal’ and nonviolent as anyone) who are into ritual magic to make fun of ‘new agers’, and individuals with strong pro-ascension beliefs being wary of black magic wherever an occult ritual is involved.  Christians on the other hand consider ‘new agers’ and occultists as peas in a ‘Satanic’ pod when they clearly mix as well as oil and water.

Instead of falling into the traps of the labels, lets consider the following: Esoteric potentials (expressed in ways mystical, occult, alchemical, shamanic, psychic etc.), known to humanity since time immemorial and monopolized by those who would control others from well before the dawn of known history, are a potential resource we need to examine as we would any promising application. We- always meaning those who naturally feel inclined in this direction- need to explore it privately and in creatively minded groups in healthy ways, free of new age, religious or pseudo-occult trappings, after first identifying what those trappings are. It is always important to save the babies and let the bathwater drain away.

There are, and have always been, interests against this kind  of thing. We have enough history of persecution and disinformation regarding esoteric potentials under our collective belt so that the ones benefiting from our weakness need not do much to get us pointing fingers and derailing any possibility of taking something that is our birthright seriously. But if those of us who are so inclined dare to move forward, there is the promise- albeit not the guarantee- of learning to create our reality, and maybe really help make things right for once. In any case,  as it stands it appears either nobody is doing it deliberately or only those who have little regard for life. Or perhaps we are in the humble beginnings of something truly wonderful. I, for one, like to think so.