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Seize the initiative and claim yourself. Be determined to grow and thrive. Choose to choose no matter what, and embrace all meaning vibrantly alive. To create, to redeem, to be free as was meant.

Month: June, 2016

Britain has Spoken

Yesterday the Brits voted to exit the EU. The margin was narrow, which is something noteworthy in itself. I look at this as an example of the implementation of strategies and tactics toward the consolidation of power. It always is like this for psychopaths. Psychopaths can be understood to be individuals who really lack any working connection with life and ‘creation’. They don’t care about anything that feels meaningful to a psycho-centric human. That last word means soul centered.

I would say there is a tendency today to oversimplify the psychopath. It appears the tendency condenses them to the childish level of ‘bad’ and that’s all we need to know. Maybe then we can sweep them under the rug or just annihilate them physically. I am not advocating some sort of ‘love-in’ response to them. I consider myself more of a realist in that regard, and want to encourage others to study them in relation to ourselves, because they appear to have researched all our weaknesses. Perhaps we can look at this referendum deal from that studious perspective.

Let’s start by looking at this referendum in terms of “who benefits” from the decision, in the long run if not within the aegis of the emotional high of ‘victory’. The establishment calculates risks and benefits and comes to conclusions with respect to getting to the goal/prize it covets with as little loss as it can. To insure minimal loss, grand scale events need to be progressively and multiply simulated to account for an acceptable spectrum of variability.

One thing is noteworthy; that the establishment realizes the element of surprise can go a long way. But those cards are limited and several have been played already. It’s like Hollywood screenwriters trying to outwit an increasingly plot-savvy audience. I would say there are many probable moves in the chess game psychos play, and one can endlessly speculate. I realize I can appear uncharacteristically cynical and pessimistic in this analysis. When I say that the establishment will not allow real positive change unless it causes a greater change toward it’s agenda, I am doing so in the spirit of rising to the challenge, not dashing hope. Hope, in my honest opinion, is like a muscle that needs to be strengthened, not coddled.

After writing the above I came upon this article that collapses the proverbial wave-function of the vote results, or at least hints toward a specific ramification path. Remember the Greek referendum? It was practically a year ago this month. If authoritative control freaks are into the science of behavioral manipulation, it makes sense to dispense self-similar events under similar conditions. That sends a message of synchronistic significance to the masses, and increases the probability of a response similar to the one in the parallel circumstance. In this case, the EU gave the Greeks the finger regarding their vote.

Here’s the metaphor: give baby candy. Then ask for it back politely, and then more firmly. Then let the baby think it won. Then dash its little baby hopes to pieces. There is no greater victory over a human psyche than that revolving around the dashing of hope. Not only is the candy taken, but if the baby cries or in any way attempts to show disrespect to the authority looming over it, then terror is dispensed liberally, in the form of abuse impending or directly applied.

There are any number of ways the firm parent can reveal itself to be an abusive monster to the Brits. Some years ago there were riots, and I’m sure those memories are burned in the minds and bodies of quite a few. Perhaps that was the point. To let people know what may happen if they think they can ‘revolt’.

Although speculation here is informed and thought out, it is still speculation. Things can play out differently, with Britain being left alone to stand similar to Iceland in terms of establishment independence. That’s radical, but not unprecedented. Think of the colonial acquisitions Britain relinquished in the 20th century. Those countries are still under the thumb of globalist interests, still under the machinations of destabilizing elements, yet officially they are more likely to believe it’s an ‘internal’ problem, or an issue with a neighboring country. The usual suspects actually look generous.

Although there may be many paths twisting to the same goal, we need not predict them specifically. It is more important to brave the manipulation and learn from the patterns. It is said that great clarity comes to those who realize the noose waits for them. It comes after they transcend the initial terror. The practice of thinking or simply being present- not freaking out- under the duress of psychological manipulation can strengthen us, especially if thought is deep, clear and outside the box. This could lead us to a stronger in mind and more determined in heart.

The fact of globalism in the frightening sense is not the crazy theory it used to be. More and more are taking it seriously. Sociopolitical awakening is something the circumstances in the world themselves can do these days, even if much is controlled information. At least a few can resist the somnambulist momentum of cooked ‘disclosure’ and strengthen their minds to be more resourceful in ways they discover, share and innovate further.

I believe we can discern what we can do and in what way to do it. Suffice it to say, disrupting the impact of all those experiments against us, ‘should’ in my honest opinion be a priority. We are not sheep and we are not helpless children. Those are facts we can stand upon so the formerly knowing but firm parent cannot proclaim themselves to be a raving butcher/pedophile.

To conclude this little commentary I want to emphasize two points. First, that there is such a thing as intelligent revolution. Second that IQ only marks a slice of what constitutes ‘smarts’. Let us learn from events, and know ourselves and our world, the real and the programmed.


A Psycho-Aesthetic Rant

I’ve been reading online articles as of late, many of them attempting to debunk a lot of what makes the internet so colorful and interesting. Their science is bland no matter how they try to dress it up, their medicine hopeless when it’s not perverse, their politics are insane, and their religious rants are just to vomit for. At the same time folks all over the world appear to crave breaths of fresh air, changes that are life affirming, even as attempts to go out on a limb to catch the breeze appear few and far between. That isn’t surprising since limbs seem very prone to break these days.

Then there are the ‘alternatives’, like alternative medicine, politics, archeology, physics and spirituality, and many more. Sometimes these alternatives appear to be the fresh vitality we have been craving. Under any meaningful alternative path one might discern waves upon the surface of the calm and stagnant seas of proprietary thinking. One might see color washing its gray landscapes. Perhaps even a faint music may be heard wafting through its stiff and stale atmosphere. All that shaking and rocking can get the sleepers of hopeless conformity moved to rise up and celebrate. Sleepers can also wake on the wrong side of the bed; those who would throw all the refuse at their disposal at the offending source.

And yet the monotone forces of conformity can cleverly diversify. The enslaving path rammed down our throats since birth sustains a million grimly spun faces of reason, faith and cleverly contrived “compassion, and the masks we are prompted to emulate have ridiculously hypocritical smiles- ready to snap into disapproving frowns at the flick of a switch.

I am not here to advocate “alternative-ism” or debate if views claiming the label are credible or not. I am not here to dump the straight and narrow either. I only suggest addressing things from a psycho-aesthetic stance. A psycho-aesthetic stance is not simply a perspective of the soul- or mind- regarding what’s pretty. It isn’t even about appearances. The psyche is not, after all, like a leaf lazily floating about on the surface of things. Even if we are one of those sunny personalities skipping though life to proclaim: “what you see is what you get, baby” our psyche is still more like an underworld leviathan.

Most of its monstrous extent lurks in the dark cavernous domains of our under-self. On occasion a prominent crest will break the surface, to leave a few ripples that sparkle in the light of the conscious mind. Those fleeting sparkling splashes leave an enduring impression the mind then loops into that perpetual “what you see is  what you get, baby” that brings a smile- or smirk- to so many faces wishing it were that simple.

Psycho-aesthetic stance manifests as a sense of inner poise when the denizens of the depths of our being, those especially that are capable of touching, and even more consistently caressing our surface consciousness contact something that matters to them; something that can bestow a sense of balance between the wild chaos of an uncertain existence, and the stifling order of all that strives to control it.

The inner leviathan that so often appears to be the very source of every fear, neurosis and psychological entanglement the human mind can conceive is also a source as well as a guardian of treasure hoards of wisdom and existential potential waiting to manifest in the light of day. Inner wisdom grows on a certain ground that corresponds to a sense of poise. It is not the truth of the intellect this sense of poise respects and credits. It isn’t even the sentiments of the heart or the pleasures of the body per se. All those matter, for in meaningful proportions they provide the context and frame our inner wisdom needs to be real.

The seeds are already planted there, our embryonic aspirations waiting to sprout. The sunlight is our very own much prized consciousness. It is also the existential confidence that is not quite sentimental, but whose home is still the heart where sentiment also resides. All we need is the water of our commitment to the cultivation, a commitment of true passion. Then everything changes.

We can be trendy or we can be edgy or defiant or conforming. We can sport a wardrobe of “isms” to shape our personal identity, like a protective atmosphere; not the same as a hypocritical mask. It is ego; a good thing, like human skin is a good thing, so long as we don’t mistake it for the core of our strength and the truth of our psyche.

Being judged by the color of our skin is never pleasant, but for most being praised as having beautiful and/or healthy skin most often is. Skin matters in its way, and we all want it healthy, youthful and clear. Same with all the “isms” we sport. All are points of contact and references of relationship for us. Even though they matter, the treasure lies deeper, in the stance of inner poise, not easy to grasp but impossible to ignore once it is touched.

It comes from our depths, from the caverns of our much discredited and often ignored leviathan, the source of our true soul power. We can call it to the surface by honoring what we value, even if it sounds  incredible; and especially if it contradicts our ego’s conceptual fashion sense. I for one seek to enter the fray and navigate the waves from a position of poise, asserting what feels meaningful in the depths insofar as I can dive into them. No matter if my reason threatens that I must justify it from reliable and credible sources. I will not throw away my reason. But I must prioritize my psycho-aesthetic stance so that I may be poised in an uncertain world. As I move forward, I might even learn that which certain alternative views claim I do all along: Create my own reality.