Divide and Conquer: Part II

by xparavox

Divide and conquer is the name of the game. In the US, nurtured on the teat of the competitive mindset, it’s liberal against conservative, a polarization that appears to encompass all levels of social expression- poor vs. rich, secular vs. religious, nationalist vs. globalist etc. The rest of the world is not immune to its own divisions. They are just more deeply rooted; often a mix of blessing and curse, depending on how folks respond to the clear patterns imposed upon them: the ways and means of divide and conquer.

In my experience a majority of the so-called, self-proclaimed occultists do not appear to care about such things. Those into alternative media and lifestyles of the sociopolitical variety, however, should know better, even if by engaging in the research they often complain others should be doing. It is not my intent to sound holier than thou.

The simplistic generalizations are only meant to outline a deeper and more complex truth. Let the reader flesh out its entangled threads with their own thoughts and explorations. They are needed, because all of us are conned at some point and to varying degrees. Sharing our musings might just strengthen and unify us against the miasma of divide and conquer.

Divide and conquer is no accident of circumstance. Its rotting malaise is meant to spread like a plague. The powers that be don’t even have to do much. Immorality can be nurtured by the self righteous abusing the weak, who then grow up resentful and wanting to strike back. Base dispositions are made glamorous in modern culture that insures no good deed goes unpunished. Thus there is no lack of con artists and opportunists out there. There is no lack of the hypocrisy of false spirituality, snake oil selling gurus and flamboyant magi of the dark or the light.

There are also quite a few deposed princes and princesses. And some of them even use occult symbols, like a certain “ambassador” who upset the apple cart of the life of a rather easily swayed friend of mine last year. Around that time, interestingly, a young African woman sent me an email, out of the blue. She proclaimed herself the daughter of a deposed dignitary, and declared she was interested in getting to know me, if I could only “help” her.

That was an interesting experience. I caught my mind fabricating stories that it thought it got from her email. The reasoning was obviously just whimsy, and I really wasn’t interested. Even so, all the archetypes were there: damsel in distress, daughter of a royal personage or close to it. Even magic was involved, although upon closer inspection, it was pointed against me. With the email were attached a few innocent looking symbols of a certain goddess of the Afro-Caribbean tradition with embedded pornography in the geometric imagery. Lots of phallus images became apparent upon closer inspection, much to my chagrin.

That kind of “magic”is not the truly esoteric stuff I like to explore. It’s more based on mind control and hypnotic suggestion. It isn’t much different than the tricks of today’s media outlets, albeit based on religious practice rather than science. In either case one falls for mind control when their inner litmus tester is atrophied, weakened and side-lined. We don’t have to be victims to that. Here are some pointers around it.

It pays to know what we want, and to have a felt sense regarding who we are. Anything that contradicts that sense, especially if it denies our emotions and feelings when they are crying to be accepted, then the impulse is an “outsider”. Yet when we are flooded with subliminal threats, fear and anxiety triggers, suggestions that rationalize away our inner litmus tester (our true reason and intuition), it is so easy to run and hide away from the very strengths nature has provided us; if only we honor them.

When we don’t, it’s “divide and conquer”. Let us, therefore, look up and seek solidarity and the liberating strength it promises. We do not have to be “one”. Your friend is not your lover, and your lover is not you. The mystic sense of it is not the same as how the intellect tends to interpret such things in our day to day lives. Let’s reclaim the normal before expanding into the paranormal. Indeed, I am an advocate of esoteric development, but the discernment we need first is here and now.

If we do not want to be taken for a ride, therefore, it may be best to either avoid spirituality, at least the occult variety, lest we fall for faux sources that peddle disinformation. Why go to the trouble to explore such things deeply, when  Hollywood and religious bigotry, sometimes even the so called alternative media as well, have instant answers to shove down our throats? Best leave it alone until we are ready, if that is even our path at all.

Just think on this: we are more often conned into creating hell by being threatened with going there (by either defying god or established reason), than actually being placed in the pit because we did something wrong (other than being a naive or simply a good hypnotic subject).

That being said, it is my view that some sort of esoteric, or spiritual cultivation and the strengthening of our capacities of sentience is a boon to those who seek to navigate through the turmoil of the matrix today and perhaps make a difference tomorrow…without being conned or falling into despair…or worse.

I would even say it’s a must…but that might be taking it too far for some readers.

Still…we lose when divide and conquer takes hold of our lives, and it grabs us through the prejudices we deny so that they have rooted themselves unhindered into our minds and hearts.

I am not someone who tells others to go through life uncritically. I don’t make a high and mighty calling of “not judging”. Anxiety and fear, as well as outrage that conceals deep insecurity can push us to condemn where we are best served to carefully consider and evaluate. The fact remains, however, that the idea of “not judging” is all too often used as a means of manipulation via guilt.

So let us discern, and indeed judge, but do so to evaluate and learn. Let us treat everything as a class room to better ourselves in the challenges we face, rather than a courtroom where we are more likely to end up at the receiving end of a sentence when are so confident we sit in the judge position. After all, it is not divine power that has set us up for a fall, but the very psychopathic manipulators who thrive on dividing us against each other, so they revel in their conquests without so much as lifting a finger.

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