Divide and Conquer: Part I

by xparavox

This is not an original topic, especially these days of media manipulation masking as entertainment and education. I feel compelled to express on it because of a specific example. Perhaps my thoughts will take me onto more generalized tangents as they flow. For now, however, let me scratch the itch that bothers me. I want to just have my say, even if the particular example of divide and conquer is not all that interesting to those out there who advocate a more conventional reality paradigm.

To make a long story short, I’ve noticed a kind or rift between people who practice occultism and those that practice alternative spirituality. I am interested in both. I research both and have been for the last thirty years, and have also been practicing both for just about that amount of time. These days I’m on my own track, doing my own thing as it were. Occasionally, however, I scan the Internet to see what’s up in the public domain.

Just the other day I applied the word “occultism” to a popular search engine and got nothing but Nazis, Zionists, celebrities doing hand signs with weird captions over the pictures, and eyes on top of pyramids glaring at me. That is not the occultism I know and love to research and practice.

I think the search engine lodged that weirdness at me because I frequent alternative media sites. Somehow it thought this was what interested me. Or perhaps, for those who are into not respecting the mainstream media of any part of the world, the Internet has been programmed to provide nothing but disorienting slander sprinkled with misrepresented truth.

I am irked because what I know is that alternative spirituality is occultism. It is, after all, all about mystery, and mystery is occult (concealed) knowledge. By proxy, occultism is alternative spirituality because it does not cater to mainstream religion. The rest is bullshit, misconception and propaganda…punctuated by a number of folks acting out self-fulfilling prophecies of Hollywood nightmare fantasies, as if conscripted to do so.

This rift disturbs me. It shouldn’t be there. Yet so-called scientific folks who believe in reason, also believe in aliens. Then they laugh at those who practice mind-over-matter methodologies or summon “spirits” and think that makes sense.

There are too many self-proclaimed occultists, on the other hand, who tend to laugh at “conspiracy theories”. I’m not sure if those who scoff really believe in the system or they don’t care and just pay lip service to it. Many seem to have been bullied by religion in some way. They may declare they are Satanists or Antinomian practitioners for no other reason but as a response to oppressive religious upbringing.

Justified or not, in my eyes the resentful attitude leaves them wide open to a social (political and economic) establishment that tends to capitalize on weakness. We are so easily misled in our prejudices, especially when we try so hard to convince ourselves and everyone around us that we are not.

Many of us feel bullied into political correctness. We feel victimized by the practice of gas-lighting; the deliberate attempt to make one question one’s own sanity. Even as we are bullied, however, we are also “allowed” acceptable counter-establishment rebelliousness when it gives us an outlet of denial or otherwise serves the enslaving establishment.

We can brazenly be trendy, for example, where decades ago we would be ridiculed. We can get implants, and tattoos are cool, and sex changes are more and more in vogue. Yet many of us are also reluctant to ask about those white lines planes leave in the sky, or what’s in the needles that poke our children. We know better than to rock the boat in ways that may leave us exposed.

We can, therefore, revel in being bohemian, and still be obedient. We can draw our pentagrams and chant our spells to claim love, money or a better place in the pecking order. We can do that and be cool, so long as we don’t question how many people of a certain religious persuasion died in the last world war, or the justice of taxation without honest representation.

How can we expose ourselves by such inquiries when there are those who have cornered the market on being so concerned, and they are not like us? Those who want their guns locked and loaded; those who despise government telling them what to do; those who would erect high barricades against immigrants threatening to flood their stomping grounds. It’s probably not worth the trouble when those most vocal about such things point fingers and call you evil.

We, on the other hand who are disposed to tote our guns and rattle our bibles, may know we are despised by those who deem themselves tolerant judges of oppressive bigotry, and we don’t care because we are right. And we who believe love and light will save the day, because we deem it so- our guides are never wrong! Others will point and call us crazy, and the rest will damn us to hell, as they rattle their dogmas and roll their eyes.

Those of us who are believers, either of new age light works or the one true lord, are anathema to those who are cool, and side with the trends. They know who is boss and they know who runs the show, at least in a visceral way. To their brain it’s all plain as day. They listen to experts and whatever officials have to say. They smile polite and condescending. They cry with outrage when expected to do so. Yet some of those are occultists, as strange as it gets. That is the power of divide and conquer, working in plain sight to ruin what would  otherwise be alliances of common sense.

Part II