The Imperative of Self-Cultivation

by xparavox

The imperative of self-cultivation is not a commandment by deity, nor is it arrogant ambition or cult initiative. It is nothing less than evolutionary necessity.

A psychopath lacks any sense of heart connection to their environment. They manifest a bloated survival instinct, and live to fill the empty soul-void at their core by repressing anything meaningful in their environemnt and other living beings. The inner distortion, marketed as evolutionary superiority, fuels a sense of desperation that mobilizes determination, mental focus and a constant calculation of the odds in all their competing relations- everything and everyone.

Inner distortion makes them desperate beings. Under the well-adjusted exterior, there is a cornered animal at odds with the world. In depths they rarely acknowledge the torment of survival struggle makes existence intolerable. In the mind of the psychopath whose intellect has been molded by necessity, there is the imperative to be akin to a god, if only they can get away with it. Most can only resort to petty tyranny or fake their way until they can.

It is not just any god they desire to emulate, but ‘The’ God that has no other gods before Him. I use the masculine regardless of psychopath gender because there is nothing nurturing or creative here. There are goddesses that appear to favor the psychopath way of things, but appearance is not always reality. That theme I save for a future post.

My point is that the psychopath would be almost admirable in their seeming strength if not for the corruption that drives them. Even if they did become gods, in the end their emptiness and isolation from life would catch up to them. They would tear existence apart on any number of pretenses, scientific, philosophical, religious or simply because they could.

When an individual wants to die, but is too disconnected and afraid, they tend to project their wish their own death onto the world. The essence that comes as close to a soul as one can define it for the psychopath will be driven by the urge to literally eat its way out of existence, like a saber-toothed Pac-man on adrenaline overdrive.

Destroying existence under the guise of a lust for power and control, itself under a mask of idealistic and even pragmatic justification- a mask of lies- is the psychopath’s way of ultimate suicide. The psychopath of whom I speak is not your average psychopath. He or she is the upgraded version whose cunning and determination are one-pointed. Other psychopaths want to be this type. This is the psychopath deified, with all the power they crave at their disposal.

The topic of psychopath anatomy and psycho-physiology can be elaborated at length. In this instance, however, I seek to present a contrasting example to our topic of self-cultivation necessity. Simply put, self-cultivation leads to forging the ability to respond effectively to the psychopath and their works. It is that ability that is of utmost importance in the days of tribulation in which we find ourselves.

The proliferation of the psychopath is an existential issue for our species and the immediate world. It is a cancer that threatens no less than our very existence as individuals, as a species, and as life on a miraculous planet that could and should be the paradise of all its inhabitants. Cancer is manageable and even natural when it manifests as the occasional mutated cell. It grows to lethal proportions when stress and toxicity weaken the immune system evolved to keep it in check.

Even then, so long as we draw breath we are alive and there is hope. I would like to believe that in such circumstances as being diagnosed with a medical death sentence I would never give up. I would like to believe that the same applies where the psychopathic cancer is concerned. Regardless, I am stating the obvious when I say that given a life or death situation, the only one with motive to discourage me is the one wanting me defeated. I would therefore recommend to take the notions of the all-powerful ‘elite’ with a grain of salt, as they are the ones seeking to intimidate us into despair.

It helps to remember that any cancer is only as strong as the immune system is weak. Whether we are afflicted or not by disease, we would think it natural to call our need to strengthen our immune system an imperative; more so if we sought cure rather than prevention. Even as we are well past the prevention stage where the human infestation of psychopathy is concerned, we need not condemn the situation as terminal. Instead we can place what strength, energy and determination we have to take our imperative seriously. Then we may constructively and effectively learn to respond to psychopathic malaise at every level of its manifestation, and as each unique situation dictates.

Our first step, in my opinion, is the cultivation of discernment. Those who find themselves with the short end of the stick in a global society increasingly under psychopathic dominance appear to be at a grave disadvantage. Working discernment, however, can be a tipping factor. In the discerning individual daunting appearances stimulate not despair, but the determination to examine them deeper.

The sense here is that taking things at face value is not in our best interests when they just so happen to benefit those who seek to conquer us body and soul. We may look around and start observing that the mainstream ‘facts’ tend to confirm the ideology of those who discover them through ‘legitimate’ and ‘credited’ means. Many have already made such observations judging from the Internet information stream, and that means discernment is not dead, not by a long-shot.

At this stage the possibilities of cultivating discernment and other inner human resources is still on the table. It is, in other words, not yet a crime to pursue that cultivation. I am not being paranoid to consider that it can be. Human history is full of periods where peaceful individuals with a passion for creative and spiritual innovation were hunted relentlessly, when the benefits threatened to liberate a given group of humanity from authoritarian control. Psychopaths tend to view human potential as a threat, and most of their focus today is geared to eradicating it; hence our imperative of self-cultivation.

Respected reader, please forgive the lack of concise definition and/or description of what self-cultivation is in this writer’s conception- aside from the example of discernment. I leave the positive elaboration of the concept for another day. My recommended food for thought here and now is the notion that the imperative to self-cultivate comes from the depths of evolutionary necessity. It is not just the survival of our species, but of life as we know it on this planet, that calls for it.

Success in what may be the greatest thrust toward existential healing our species has ever faced, can propel us to a future that would make up for all the suffering of the past. If they could, all  forms of being would nod in understanding, and look back in time to know without a shadow of a doubt that it was all worth it. May that day come sooner that we think.