Discernment as a Resource

by xparavox

It is not uncommon these days to express outrage against dwindling natural resources. We cry for our dwindling water, dwindling food, dwindling peace of mind and time. As resources of world, life and mind seem to be slipping from our grasp there is still a valuable treasure trove meant to be cashed in to help. It is treasure that we can easily take for granted.

Therefore, we often don’t even notice it disappearing, and may even forget what it was we were taking for granted in the first place. This treasure is an important resource of our essential human nature. It is the resource of discernment. And it is one of several dynamics of inner sourcing potential I wish to address in writings such as this.

In my experience exploring one’s inner world can be done in a pragmatic manner without getting clinical or mechanical about it. I am convinced we can be inspired and empowered without always having to resort to a list of rote methods and button pushing. No matter what our individual views and dispositions most of us live under the same sky. We breathe the same air, and walk upon the same ground. We have beating hearts and functioning minds- those reading this anyway.

We are different, yet we have so much in common that emphasis on key issues we face, especially if they are of a philosophical or esoteric nature, can lead to the potential for harnessing resources that amount to a birthright we cannot afford to let atrophy through repression and lack of use. We need them because it is increasingly difficult to ignore that there is a war going on for our very minds, without which our hearts and bodies are defenseless.

Information regarding the global state of affairs has been spread over the Internet by well-meaning individuals for years. It is also distorted, corrupted and slandered heavily along the way. It is not farfetched to say that we the people- regardless of where we live- are having our heads, our hearts and our health tweaked so as to remain weak, afraid and spinning our wheels. We are being harassed and abused in ways subtle and overt- in ways many do not even see- when our creative spark, spiritual stamina (sense of hope and meaning) and our instincts of self-determination need to be at their strongest and most vital.

One thing is for sure: We cannot afford to stay confused. We cannot afford to run away or scramble chasing every nugget of glimmering hope thrown at us. We cannot assume to hide under the apron strings of the closest ‘solution’. We will always be disappointed when our sole motive is to madly avoid at all costs that impending sense of despair we have been conditioned to fear almost more than physical suffering. In these difficult and uncertain times, therefore, we are in need of qualities only we can cultivate, aside from material requirements. But the system pushes our buttons and reconfigures our perception to declare it is always a step ahead of us.

We who are empathic and not devoid of soul light- the majority of humanity, in other words- are being attacked at the level of mind, emotion and perception, in ways that are purely psychological as well as being applications of material- and energy- technologies, and at the psychological level. Given all of that, a healthy sense of discernment should be first on our list of internal resources to discover, activate and cultivate toward peak efficiency.

There are others, but to focus on discernment can turn many of the psy-op tactics used against us into opportunities for the cultivation of immunity to them. That translates into empowerment for us. It is very important in my view that we, therefore, not take discernment for granted in these days of mass media deception, fear porn and info-junk. We need it functioning now almost as much as we need pure air, water and food. We need it because without discernment solutions to keep and/or restore pure air, water and food will not be forthcoming.

Many would disagree. Yet shutting the mind to possibilities that contradict the mainstream consensus leads us on a merry-go-round to increasingly tyrannical and meaningless existence, where being ‘normal’ is devoid of spirit and perhaps even life. Otherwise to cultivate to fruition that quality of inestimable value- true discernment- one must choose to recognize both their need for it, and to acknowledge the deficiency that is hard to notice by the one suffering from it.

The most aware of us can succumb to disinformation and the array of clever tactics under the tried and true strategy of divide and conquer. The very advantage of easy sharing the internet so generously offers can so easily be turned against the sincere seeker. Disinformation can end up going viral; distractions and manipulated presentations can replace pieces inspiring solidarity; confusion and insecurity can be the fuel for division as relentless trolls are systematically employed to keep the most resilient seekers isolated from potential allies and comrades.

As of yet, discernment is not collectively powerful enough to cut through all the deception and manipulation thrown at us. If we can commit to opening our own eyes, the eyes of the mind as organs of perception, we can tear the wool from them. Discernment is not all we need, but it is a start. I feel that those who are interested in manifesting a better world can agree that it is an invaluable resource.

Psychopaths with inbred god complexes thrive in this modern age. They dance merrily in their sadistic and pompous ceremonials of politics and war. They cannibalize and violate the most innocent of us, our very children. It is a theater of despair for anyone with a soul spark and the courage to look into the abyss that is more and more brazenly looking back at us, daring us to make a move.

Daunting doesn’t even begin to describe the notion of making a real difference there. Yet, paradoxically we can dare look deeper, because it is then that we increase our chances of stimulating our latent resources. They are weak in many of us, all but gone in most; attacked in all, no doubt. Yet they are stronger than any heartless, soulless mutation of humanity can fathom.

Let us affirm those resources and focus on how to stand up and muster them. Then we may grow free of debilitating conditioning. We can gaze even deeper into the core of who and what we are to maximize our creativity, our concentration and our determination to do what comes naturally to human beings: solve our problems.

Psychology, philosophy and spirituality- including the much maligned ‘occultism’- are anything but exclusive weapons of a psychopathic minority. They comprise our internal arsenal. Let us awaken to the potentials of that arsenal, and let us strive to cultivate and hone that much-valued quality we cannot afford to take for granted as first on our list of valuable resources: The quality of discernment.