Growth and Revelation – Part II

by xparavox

The fourth, fifth and sixth veils pick up where the power elite theme leaves off, taking it into the realm of secret societies (fourth veil), super-scientific and occult advances (fifth veil) and frightening supernatural beings (sixth veil). I call this the territory of high strangeness. How can we reconcile our stages of spiritual growth with revelations of such a disturbing nature? No, this goes beyond just disturbing. Here we confront the stuff of nightmares.

The very thought of waltzing through these ever-darkening twilight zones may tempt the more fragile of us to engage in the type of hysterical laughter that I imagine echoes through the dismal halls of many a mental hospital. And yet, the veils that follow this progressively terrifying territory represent the ultimate in benign reality frames, and spiritual goal of humanity since the dawn of human sentience.

From the above, we can speculate that the mapping of the nine veils in comparison to the stages of spiritual growth- and the tantric categories of self actualization- makes more sense if we organize the veil progression in terms of triads. With that perspective the first three veils fall into a category of being rather normal. A relatively intelligent, albeit socially adapted individual, can logically surmise that human history tends to express repeating patterns of adverse man-made events such as genocidal wars. Thus the average socially adapted individual need only a modicum of intelligence and the willingness to do some research to uncover a basic fact that seems to be a fringe subject for many so-called well-adapted people these days.

The historic fact is that throughout recorded time, influential individuals formed alliances to accumulate power, engage in tyrannical oppression and indulge apparently limitless cravings for greed and bloodlust. To consider that such alliances were often formed in secret would be a logical conclusion, given every plan involves the necessity for undisturbed preparation before it can be effectively implemented. Thus one does not have to uncover unfathomable mysteries and long lost artifacts to comprehend that human history is a story of purposely perpetrated criminality by fanatical groups that will stop at nothing to promote their despicable agendas.

It is, therefore, not farfetched to conceive that social systems are to a great degree unjust; that representatives of even the most allegedly democratic governments can be bribed and blackmailed, and that scientific discoveries are not always used for the benefit of humanity. A rational individual need not sacrifice their sanity to conclude that institutions like the mass media, the citadels of science and education, the foundations, the churches the corporations are not always- or even commonly- groups of honest people doing honest work for the mutual benefit of all. Ultimately, by the time a rational individual reaches the fourth veil, they have no problem concluding that conspiracy in history was never a theory, but the way of the world more often than not.

That is the point where the socially adapted or tribal individual might shrug their shoulders and say: “C’est la vie”. The majority who end up traversing the first triad of veils do just that. They believe in so doing that they continue to be rational, and that it is the only choice if they wish to remain rational and more importantly be seen as such by their peers and those who butter their daily bread, as it were. This is not done in one swoop, but progressively through the first veil triad as the consensus reality is challenged to greater degrees.

According to the authors sited, there are seven million people on the planet at any given time open to the reality frame concealed by the third veil. In addition, most of these otherwise intelligent individuals will never even approach the fourth veil. We may speculate as to their motive being a primitive urge to avoid the implications of the next triad of veils looming over their intuitive horizon. Those few who dare take things a step- or several steps- further in their drive to challenge the status quo, and their own awareness frame, end up in an increasingly terrifying place.

The transition into the fourth veil can, therefore, be considered as a threshold, where the undaunted seeker is invited to enter what may be called The Rabbit Hole. The latter is a well-known reference to a common metaphor regarding the transition from the frame of comforting reason to one unfamiliar enough to appear outright insane. I do not consider the middle veils to be states of mystical attainment, for that matter. They are, however, known as thresholds of initiation to those cultivating esoteric potentials. These would be the shamans, mystics and other seekers and innovators of the type of wisdom most philosophers prefer to avoid, and most scientists feel it is their duty to persecute with every fiber of their being. This is the arena of high strangeness mentioned earlier. We can bring this  closer to earth, as it were, when considering it in the context of spiritual crisis otherwise known as the dark night of the soul.

If one can make it through the next three veils hale, whole and without mishap, they approach the final triad. This is territory mired by speculation more than it represents experience. That is no surprise. By the time one approaches the seventh veil they will find they are only one of seven thousand strong on this planet. At this stage it appears that the third triad is accessed by those of high intellectual as opposed to spiritual capacity. It is the eighth veil that involves the realization of the Love that underlies all things, something to be experienced by only seventy people, leaving only seven to actually be capable of applying the wisdom for the good of all.

The first triad makes sense to me, the second triad, disturbing as it is, also makes sense. Even so, I question the revelations describing nothing but ceremonial psychopathy, escalating to legendary level technologies and supernatural monstrosities. My skepticism increases with the third triad, because I cannot fathom that all we have to discover is hell on earth until the next to last veil. Something is not right with that, even though it would be easy to simply conclude I am just not capable of penetrating those veils. That, however, would be too convenient. It could just as easily be the nightmare impressions that colors perception when one is in spiritual crisis.

These are very real. My critique revolves around the point that certain literal interpretations can more resemble corruptions of projected veil three frames of understanding. Consider that the given interpretations a) do not give us anything new aside from bloated versions of the same conspiracy, and b) the revelation serves nothing but to show how all-powerful the conspiracy is all the way to the final triad where even some of those penetrating the seventh veil are recruited by it. If we take a step back we can see that the model might benefit from the support of a complementary paradigm. Thus, the veil triads, understood as three categories of cumulative revelation, can be readily compared with the stages of spiritual growth, as well as the tantric categories of self-actualization.

To review the four stages of spiritual growth, I consider the first to be pathology. The model seems to be describing the psychopath more than a human being of primitive morality. That leaves us with three stages as follows: a) the tribal stage, b) the individuating stage and c) the mystical stage. These happen to be comparable to the tantric categories of herd, heroic and enlightened human types. I find the nine veils paradigm in this way more realistic and comprehensive in terms human experience when complemented as above. In the next and final installment I elaborate upon the aforementioned synthesis.

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